Hello! Pro Time – Morning Musume 10th Generation Boot Camp Part 1

Morning Musume Audition Banner

Recently the Morning Musume 10th generation boot camp was shown on Hello! Pro time. The last time auditions were for future flagship group S/Mileage and I didn’t follow them at all. It was my form of silent protest against something that should never have happened.

Since I still sort of care about Morning Musume I figured I would at least try to recap this in some sort of manner. As always, the following is my own opinion and does not necessarily reflect those of the other Selective Hearing staff.

Morning Musume Audition Boot Camp

The first part of this episode started with my hero (& yours) Tsunku announcing the 10th generation auditions.

Morning Musume Audition Tsunku

Wow does he ever look um… less botoxy? I dunno. Every time I see this guy he has some sort of new strange look or aura around him. Perhaps that’s just me.

Anyway, after that an introduction of the 10 who made the cut.

Morning Musume Audition Final 10

In order from top left to bottom right:

  1. Kudou Haruka (12)
  2. Iikubo Haruna (16)
  3. Satou Masaki (12)
  4. Tashima Meru (11)
  5. Oogami Hinako (13)
  6. Miyagi Ayumi (11)
  7. Miwa Satsuki (12)
  8. Ishida Ayumi (14)
  9. Tanaka Fuuka (12)
  10. Murakami Sara (13)

So it looks like UFA is gunning to make the group even younger. That could be a sign of doom & gloom for those old hags in their late teens and twenties in the current version of Morning Musume. Check your inboxes ladies, your severance package can arrive any day.

Let’s get to the part I care about, vocals. None of these girls impressed me at all. It was ear bleedingly painful from the short clips of each finalist’s auditions. Well, so much for finding a great singer right away to replace Ai-chan huh? That doesn’t mean that any of these girls aren’t potentially good, but I have high expectations I guess.

Outside of the bad singing I did find something positive out of the introductions.

I was pleasently surprised to see a 16 year old (Iikubo Haruna) make the cut. It’s kind of strange to have someone even close to Aika’s age even get this far. She must have some sort of redeemable quality that got her past what has now become a pre-teens game. With that said, I don’t expect her to last into the final 2 or 3 (or whatever arbitrary number UFA comes up with) because of her age.

Morning Musume Auditions Iikubo Haruna

The other surprise was another dancing machine showed up in the form  Ishida Ayumi.

Morning Musume Auditions Ishida Ayumi

Whether her previous experience will be a benefit to her like it was to 9th gen’s Sayashi Riho is yet to be determined.

The rest of the finalists didn’t really leave a great impression on me. Based on the previews at the end of the show it looks like we’ll get to see these girls put through the ringer as there is a lot of promised crying to the camera & harsh screaming from UFA’s stable of trainers.

That is what I’m waiting to see. Maybe I can get a better sense of who might make the group after all the crying’s done.

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