Hello! Project Champloo – Happy Marriage Song Shuu

Hello Project Champloo

Release Date: June 15, 2009

Track Listing

  1. Diamonds (High-King)
  2. Ai wa Katsu (C-ute & Mano Erina)
  3. YES YES YES (Aa)
  4. Tentou Mushi no Sanba (Shin Minimoni)
  5. Kimi ga Irudake de (Pucchi Moni V)
  6. Hey to Y-Shirt to Watashi (Tanaka Reina)
  7. Mamotte Agetai (Niigaki Risa & Kamei Eri)
  8. Aki Sakura (Takahashi Ai)
  9. Mirai Yosouzu II (ZYX-a)
  10. Only You (Zoku Biyuden)
  11. Akai Sweet Pea (Tanpopo#)
  12. For You (Linlin)
  13. Kanpaku Sengen (Berryz Koubou & Mano Erina)
  14. Sekai wa Futari no Tameni (Michishige Sayumi, Kusumi Koharu, Mitsui Aika & Jun Jun)


Happy Marriage Song Shuu is a cover album by various Hello! Project artists. The songs in question (if you can’t tell by the title) are all marriage songs.

Sure it’s kind of weird to hear marriage songs done by girls who are forbidden to have relationships or are too young to be in one but that’s the way H!P rolls folks. Besides the covers what is also featured is the reformation of several of Hello! Project’s famous shuffle groups with the current roster at the time.

Some of them have been renamed (Shin Mini Moni, Pucchimoni V, Zyx-a, Zoku Biyuden, Tanpopo#) to reflect the next generation of the group and for the most part they stay true to what made the original versions great. The exceptions to this are Aa (they only added an egg to replace Reina) and High-King (Who at the time were a stable unit) who haven’t changed drastically enough to warrant a renaming.

All the songs here seem like they cover the gambit of emotions related to marriage. I wouldn’t expect to hear many of these an actual wedding. Well, with the circles I hang in I would, but in general this isn’t what one would normally would hear at your friend, acquaintance’s or family member’s nuptials.

Taken as another Hello! Project album this is some strong stuff and that may have to do with it not being the typical fare from this stable of artists. You get to hear the rare choral styling that is dominant in AKB48 on the C-ute & Mano Erina song Ai wa Katsu. It’s a nice change of pace but probably something that won’t be done a consistent basis I think.

Other tracks to take note of is the previously mentioned cover of Kome Kome Club’s Kimi ga Iru Dake de by Pucchi Moni V. This has been covered by a lot of artists and I guess Hello! Project is no exception. It retains the joy of the original while giving it an H!P spin instead of being a direct take.

Zoku Biyuden’s cover of BO0WY’s Only You is quite faithful to the original. It’s surprising. Sayumi, Risako and Jun Jun do the song justice. Although it’s not exactly the same without the visuals of the red vinyl outfits.

The most accurate interpretations on this album are the ballads. There’s plenty of them to choose from given the theme and maybe the most familiar is Heya to Y-Shirt to Watashi covered by Tanaka Reina. Many may not particularly like solo Reina but she does a great job.

The two strongest ballads are from the vocal powerhouses that are Takahashi Ai (Aki Sakura) and Lin Lin. (For You) As much as I enjoy Takahashi’s song Lin Lin’s cover has her beat hands down. That is just an amazing piece of work.

Normally cover albums really suck. Like suck hard. But this was a great effort all around. Perhaps Hello! Project should do a few more things like this just keep everyone on their toes.

Happy Marriage Song Shuu

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