Hello! Project Resumes Overseas Promotions

In the overseas Hello! Project fandom there is one group that everyone can universally agree that they are gagging for. That group is C-ute. After being enticed with Morning Musume (twice) and Berryz Koubou (twice) it’s only natural to assume that C-ute would be the next group to perform outside of Japan.

Well, after a plethora of moons the moment for them to debut overseas has arrived with the announcement of their concert in Paris on July 5th. This concert is titled Cutie Circuit ~Voyage a Paris~ and it will be at La Cigale.

Unlike American appearances by H!P artists this is in a proper concert hall that holds either 1389 people in a standing only concert or 954 people if this is a seated event. Tickets for C-ute’s Paris concert are set to go on sale April 8th at noon and will cost 38 Euros.

They may also appear as guests at Japan Expo so those of you heading to that con may not be screwed if you can’t get tickets to their concert. Of course this is kind of unfortunate news for those who are not in Europe. It is a considerable expense for some fans to travel all that way for one concert. But if you are able to attend this event and their possible appearance at Japan Expo, congratulations and can I borrow some money for my trip to Japan?

So where does this leave us in North America? Who are we going to get from the Hello! Project world this year? The safe bet is on Berryz Koubou making their third trip over. That may break the hearts of fans that so desperately want to see C-ute but don’t tell me you won’t go see Berryz IF they do come. You will go and you will love every minute.

Of course there are the curveballs that may be thrown. H!P’s newest unit Juice = Juice seem to be favorites for a quick hit & run. Then there’s S/mileage, who fans may feel are just as due as C-ute for an overseas appearance. A longshot is Tanaka Reina’s band LovendoR who are currently on tour in Japan.

I’m pretty sure H!P fans will settle for even Asahi Tasaki, as long as someone from the roster shows up.

With that said one would hope that maybe if a UP-FRONT related artist does come to America the whole convention circuit would be bypassed in favor of a showcase in a small to mid-sized venue. It only makes sense if they’re doing it in Europe already.

Aren’t you tired of feeling like a third world citizen who is getting a handout when you go to anime conventions? Are you not envious of our European friends who seem to be getting a little better treatment with these live house type shows?

It’s not like no one will show up. Let’s be honest here. Idol fans are known to go to extremely stupid lengths to support their favorites. You tell them where to be and they will be there in mass quantities.

So why are North Americans are getting the short end of the stick when it comes to an idol concert that is not part of an anime convention?  It it that there are no venues that can be found to accommodate an idol act? Maybe it’s just an expense that cannot be afforded?

Or is it that perhaps conventions are the best idol agencies think they can do when they come over to these parts?

I don’t know. If you live in North America, what is your take?

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