HIMEKA – himekanvas

Himeka Himekanvas

Release Date: November 30, 2011

Track Listing

  1. Asu e no Kizuna (Intro theme of anime series “Valkyria Chronicles”)
  2. atenaki Michi (Outro theme of anime series “Tegami Bachi”)
  3. Mirai e (Outror theme of anime series “Night Raid 1931”)
  4. La La La – Sekai wo Hitotsu ni –
  5. 1000 no Omoi
  6. Hikari
  7. My Door
  8. Genkai Dreamers
  10. Cross Road
  12. Adesso e Fortuna – Hono to Eien –
  13. Asu e no Kizuna (Piano version)


HIMEKA is the stage name of Catherine St-Onge, a French Canadian anime song singer and himekanvas is her first original album. She is proficient in English and French and moderately proficient in Japanese. In 2008 she moved from Quebec to Japan to pursue a singing career.

She was the winner of the 2nd Annual Animax Anison Grand Prix. An event that gathers aspiring singers across Japan for a chance to become a professional singer and sing a theme song for an anime program.

Before the release of this album she released 3 singles (Asu e no Kizuna, Hatenaki Michi & Mirai e…) and a cover album. (Love Anison: Uttatemita)

Normally I would totally rag on an artist such as this having been exposed to the awfulness of Beckii Cruel and all. But HIMEKA is quite different. One, she can sing. I was surprised at how powerful her voice is. Two, her songs are well crafted pieces of J-Pop. This isn’t throw away crap that many of us are used to in J-Pop. There’s an earnest attempt to make her a serious artist instead of cashing in on her uniqueness as a foreigner who wants to sing in Japanese.

Lastly, her pronunciation is pretty damn good. There isn’t a noticeable foreigner Japanese accent when she sings. Always a good thing, especially if you’re going to be given some challenging material to work with. After listening to himekanvas I can’t really find any flaws with it. It’s one of those albums you can listen to from front to back easily because each song has its own appeal.

Obviously this isn’t my typical listening fare but I found it very enjoyable. Give this a go if you’re looking for something outside of the normal realm of mainstream J-Pop.

himekanvas (Normal Edition)

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himevanvas (Limited Edition)

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