Houkago Princess – Junpaku Antoinette Review


Release Date: February 17th, 2016

Track List:

  1. Junpaku Anotinette
  2. Sakura saku


Releasing their second major single for the Spring of 2016, Houkago Princesses Junpaku Antoinette is a romantically sweet sonata themed around the iconic Austrian-French Queen of the 18th century, Marie Antoinette. Touching on topics of Valentines, White Day and the pure shade of white, Junpaku Antoinette is one of Houkago Princesses most elegant songs that will match the romantic view of spring.

A classic piece in comparison to previously released works, this has to be one of the groups most sophisticated compositions to date thanks to its beautifully constructed instrumental and its gorgeous accompanying music video. Light and breezy in sound, Junpaku Antoinette is an uplifting song that befits the theme of spring thanks to its blissfully pleasant yet gentle vibe. It’s pretty, fun and something unique to Houkago Princess, showing off the elegance the group has not yet shown before in any of their musical tracks. If anything, Junpaku Anotinette is a nice change from the cute to cool aura these girls typically portray, and brings yet another look at how diverse and flexible the group can be.

Their coupling track, Sakura saku, on the other hand, is one of their more uplifting affairs with a catchy, memorable beat that is reminiscent of a style Houkago Princess has used before. Chirpy and cheerful to a T, Sakura Saku is a very sweet, energised graduation song that brings joy and optimism to the listener, despite its rather melancholy subject matter. Regardless of its topic though, it is clear that this song was created to portray that idea of a graduation without regrets and the hope of building a brighter future. It is forward in what it wants to evoke in the listener, which is both happiness and sadness, and creates a perfect message for those who are fans of Houkago Princess, whilst also echoing the thoughts and feelings of the departing member who leads the song. It’s sweet, it’s beautiful, but above all Sakura saku may be one of the most meaningful songs that Houkago Princess have ever created.

In short, Junpaku Antoinette is a well packaged, beautifully composed single that is gorgeous in sound and meaningful in tone. Romantic, pretty and quintessentially girly, Houkago Princesses third major release is absolutely wonderful to indulge in. Above all though, this single truly shows off that sophistication and elegance in both sound and video, whilst also serving as the perfect send off for graduating member Ayase Miho.


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