i☆Ris – Re:Call Review

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Release Date: August 3rd, 2016

Track List:

  1. Re:Call
  2. Kagami no Labyrinth
  3. Manatsu no Hanabi to Himitsu kichi
  4. Re:Call (instrumental)
  5. Kagami no Labyrinth (instrumental)
  6. Manatsu no Hanabi to Himitsu kichi (instrumental)


Taking a step back from their energetic and sparkling Idol personas, i☆Ris surprise and delight with a brand new image in their 13th single release, Re:Call.

In an unforeseen yet delightful twist, the idol group i☆Ris  have undergone a transformation from the cute, energetic girls they have portrayed since 2014, and become cool, mature figures in Re:Call, the current opening theme for the anime series So boshi no Inyo shi. With an enigmatic look and exciting sound, i☆Ris seem ready for a new era with their latest release, and go on to prove that they are more than the cute Idols we might have originally perceived them to be.

The title track is an edgy and new sound for i☆Ris – at least in terms of A-side tracks – with a mature vibe running throughout that is both powerful and surprising. The accompanying video only further enhances the idea of the song, with its somber tone and handheld camera work creating a desolate look and a broken feel. In short, Re:Call has some stellar vocals running throughout, and whilst the video itself is simple in execution and lacking in the acting department, it is effective and gives depth to the song, further portraying that dark, mature look this group has been lacking for a good few years.

The second track, Kagami no Labyrinth, has a familiar feel to previous songs by i☆Ris, delivering that almost sparkling, polished sound we are familiar with. It feels like a hopeful song, if you will, and whilst it is an energetic and charming piece, it’s thankfully a b-side; it would have been a tad disappointing if this had been the A-side, because it’s not as powerful or evoking as what Re:Call is.

Finally, there is Manatsu no Hanabi to Himitsu kichi, a song considerably weaker than the previous two, but by far the cutest of the three, as it plays up to that sickly sweet bubblegum feel. With high, adorable vocals and a pleasant feel overall, it’s a decent track, however it definitely lacks the impact both Re:Call and Kagami no Labyrinth held. With that said, this is a nice change of pace in sound, as well as a treat for an ending with its carefree vibe, if you like that kind of thing.

Overall, this is a pretty solid single from the i☆Ris clan. It’s diverse, each sound is unique in their own way, and there is a great pace throughout, making a pretty balanced single. It delivers a rather satisfying experience, depending on what you like and what you’re keen to hear, and truly, it is an impressive release, with Re:Call itself being the stand-out track. This single is a great change of pace, proving that there is more to i☆Ris than the twinkling, cute sounds we typically hear them in.

In short: This single is worth your time, and you should definitely check it out, if only for the title track. It offers a lot more than you would expect.

Re:Call (CD Only)


Re:Call (CD + DVD)


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