ICONIQ – Change Myself

Change Myself / ICONIQ


Change Myself / ICONIQ

CD Only

Release Date: March 10, 2010

Track Listing

  1. The Beginning
  2. I’m lovin’ you ICONIQ×EXILE ATSUSHI
  3. Change Myself
  4. LoveShineMagic
  5. BYE NOW!
  6. I.D feat.VERBAL
  7. No Distance
  8. Crystal Girl
  9. Like A Virgin
  10. OUTRO


ICONIQ is Ayumi Lee, a former member of  the Korean girl group Sugar. She is signed to the Avex sub-label Rhythm Zone and Change Myself is her debut Japanese album. Staying true to the title of the album she has changed her image and is now sporting a buzz cut. Her debut single Lovin You feat. ATSUSHI from EXILE was an early indicator of the type of sound that one can expect on this album.

This is an R&B album with a few touches of the dance pop sound that is so favorable in the North American and especially South Korean pop scenes. Thankfully it’s not overbearing and are more accents to the contemporary Urban feel that this album appears to be going for.

ICONIQ’s vocals suit the R&B genre well and it feels more like a step up compared to her K-Pop days. Sugar was a group before my time in the K-Pop scene but from the background research I did, change is good. I can see why they didn’t exactly blow anyone away. Anyway…

I was kind of expecting nothing to live up to the lead single but for the most part the rest of the songs here are some top notch stuff. With that said, other tracks to take note of are the Ne-Yo like Change Myself, the up beat and catchy BYE NOW! and the somewhat m-flo like I.D. feat. VERBAL.

The album ends with a cover of Madonna’s Like A Virgin. It’s an interesting take on the song & I didn’t mind it. In context with the rest of the songs it sounded somewhat out of place but that’s okay. It’s a nice bonus I think.

This was a fairly strong debut album. She may not blow a lot of people away when compared to other artists in the genre, but I believe that ICONIQ has what it takes to compete in the crowded Japanese urban music market.

Change Myself CD + DVD

Change Myself CD Only

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