Impressions: NMB48 Bokura no Eureka Zenkoku

NMB48 Zenkoku

On October 20 Selective Hearing and New Schoool Kaidan attended the NMB48 Bokura no Eureka zenkoku handshake vent at Makuhari Messe in Chiba.

Unlike the the previous handshake this featured a mini-live event consisting of 4 songs including the single being promoted, in this case Bokura no Eureaka and then another handshake where the performing members were split into lanes of either 2 or 3 each.

The idea is that you pick the lane with the member(s) that you like and then cycle thorough and continue the process until you get all the handshakes or go home.  It depends on how hardcore you are and how much patience you have.

With that in mind let’s start with getting there. It wasn’t as long as getting to Yokohama. Maybe half the travel time and when we got to Makuhari Messe around the 9 AM mark the line to get into the venue was around a few blocks.  Following the crowds of people endlessly to the back of the line felt like being in an infinite loop with no end.

Really, the line was that damn long.  Plus it was raining hard and I was getting soaked thanks to my shit umbrella breaking and turning inside out whenever a strong wind blew. Yup, awesome times.  Eventually the end of the line was found and we spend a good 45 minutes to an hour walking all the way back to Makuhari Messe to get inside.

After exchanging our tickets at the door we proceeded down to our designated area of E-Block.  Where we waited, and waited, and waited. There were lines for everything.  The bathroom, the goods line.  Just lines everywhere.  The view of the stage wasn’t that great but that’s what happens when you’re dead last coming in. It didn’t matter, I was in the building and kind of drying off.

Before the mini-live I could hear random wota screaming random shit. I found it funny although I can probably imagine that maybe others would just ask those screaming to shut up since there was no one on the stage.  After a 30 minute delay the overture played and the mini-live began.

I of course could not see shit being that I am a short guy and that I am way the fuck in the back. But it’s not like they were actually singing live.  Sorry to ruin the illusion for those of you who thought otherwise. Still, to be in the crowd and soak up the atmosphere was enough for me.

Once that was over everyone immediately dispersed and we were wondering what was going on.  Apparently people were taking the opportunity to get goods or hit the massive line for the men’s washroom before getting their handshakes.

This was also an opportunity to sit down and rest the weary, water logged feets.

NMB48 Zenkoku

For the handshake part of the event people were called based on the block they were assigned at the entrance.  For us that meant a long wait.  The lane assignments for members was also announced constantly.  When I heard who was in lane one I was pretty damn elated. Yamamoto Sayaka and Kotani Riho.  Members who I both missed out on at the handshake event the previous day.

A small form of redemption, Jebus is good.

After more waiting our block was called up for lane 1.  After organizing ourselves a bit we shuffled our way through the line slowly as the masses gathered to join in the touching of young Japanese girls.  Not in that way you pervs.

Once we got to the front the first of our party Vu reminded Ripopo how to bro fist and Dave & I proceeded to follow up with more bro fists after.  God damn that girl is cute, and really small.  Then on to Yamamoto Sayaka who was similar to Milky where she leans in and just stares you down.  Just take out the attempts at fishing.  The fact that you are looking at that fine woman is about enough to get you hooked.

I guess I held on a little too long because I was getting pushed away. But totally worth it in my opinion.  Sure this wasn’t the 10 seconds of bliss I failed to obtain the day before, but hey, it made up for my failures and I consider my Osaka Special achievement to be completed.

After that we tried to cycle the line again and actually redeemed our remaining tickets but it was so busy.  My line number was in the 13000 range.  Instead of staying all day we decided to leave when the girls took a break.

As a side note our own Vu had his second handshake event in Japan.  Last year he got the obaasan shaking his hand during the filming of  our FUJI TV segment and he had another one with a middle aged woman looking to buy a Milky T-shirt.  Pimping them wares at a NMB event.

Also, never mention Nogizaka46 at these things. Hiro was getting some mean looks from a couple of young dudes when he mentioned that.

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