Impressions: SKE48 at Kobe World Hall

On October 26 I attended my first SKE48 concert with fellow staff member Hiro and our friends from New School Kaidan Dave and Vu.

Kobe World Hall

We left for Kobe in the early morning and arrived to see that the goods line was already massive. Well maybe not as massive as say the Tokyo Dome goods line but it was still a rather lengthy wait. I passed the time tweeting, chatting on Line and playing Street Fighter 4 on my phone.

Yes, I raped my battery hard during the hour or so we were shuffling in line. When we finally got to the front I bought a plethora of goods.

SKE48 Goods

Well maybe not a plethora, but enough to commemorate the fact that I was in the house. After the goods were purchased it was a mad dash to Kobe World Hall to find our seats before the Overture started. Hiro & I were paired off and made it just in time to see BBQ’s performance of her limited run single produced by Sashihara Rino for $100.00.

I was trying to pay attention but I was still catching my breath from running and putting all my swag in my bag. From what I heard the song isn’t too bad. Maybe I can catch a copy at a reseller. Yes, I know Matsumura does not condone such things.

Then on to the main show.

SKE48 Concert Ticket

SKE48「SKE党決起集会。『箱で推せ!』」 2013年10月26日(土)兵庫県 神戸ワールド記念ホール 昼公演セットリスト Set List

01. 兆し(ALL)
02. ピノキオ軍(ALL)
03. バンザイVenus(ALL)
04. パレオはエメラルド(ALL)
05. Blue rose(松井珠理奈)
06. 青空片想い(松村香織・青木詩織・北川綾巴・北野瑠華・北原侑奈・熊崎晴香・日高優月)
07. ごめんね、SUMMER(大場美奈・岩永亞美・鬼頭桃菜・山田澪花・犬塚あさな・大脇有紗・荻野利沙)
08. 雨のピアニスト(高木由麻奈・二村春香・古畑奈和)
09. ウインブルドンに連れて行って(阿比留李帆・向田茉夏・山下ゆかり)
10. 抱きしめられたら(佐藤聖羅・出口陽・古川愛李)
11. 嘘つきなダチョウ(新土居沙也加・高柳明音・松本梨奈・研究生)
12. Nice to meet you!(内山命・須田亜香里・井口栞里・金子栞・水埜帆乃香)
13. 強がり時計(ピアノver.)(東李苑)
14. クロス(中西優香・竹内舞・木下有希子)
15. 狼とプライド(木本花音・酒井萌衣)
16. 女の子の第六感(後藤理沙子・矢方美紀・加藤智子・佐藤実絵子・柴田阿弥)
17. フィンランド・ミラクル(大矢真那・加藤るみ・宮前杏実)
18. 思い出以上(斉藤真木子・都築里佳・菅なな子)
19. チョコの行方(石田安奈・磯原杏華・小林亜実・梅本まどか・研究生)
20. Glory days(江籠裕奈・木崎ゆりあ・市野成美・折戸愛彩・鎌田菜月・後藤真由子・竹内彩姫・野口由芽・矢野杏月)
21. わがままな流れ星(松井玲奈・山田みずほ)
22. 2人だけのパレード(チームKII)
23. チームKⅡ推し(チームKII)
25. 彼女になれますか?(チームS)
26. シャララなカレンダー(チームE)
27. BINGO!(チームE)
28. 夕立の前(研究生)
29. 片想いFinally(大矢真那・佐藤聖羅・出口陽・中西優香・松井珠理奈・佐藤実絵子・松井玲奈)
30. アイシテラブル!(1期生・2期生・3期生・大場美奈)
31. キスだって左利き(1期生・2期生・3期生・4期生・5期生・大場美奈)
32. チョコの奴隷(ALL)
33. 美しい稲妻(ALL)
34. そばにいさせて(ALL)
35. 賛成カワイイ!(石田安奈・大矢真那・木崎ゆりあ・中西優香・松井珠理奈・向田茉夏・大場美奈・須田亜香里・柴田阿弥・高柳明音・古川愛李・木本花音・菅なな子・古畑奈和・松井玲奈・北川綾巴)
36. バズーカ砲発射!(ALL)
37. オキドキ(ALL)
38. 手をつなぎながら(ALL)

SKE48 Kobe Concert

This was a very fast paced concert that had very few slower moments. It was pretty much a foot on the gas pedal type of set list. To make things easier for those of you who need a H!P reference, think of a C-ute concert minus the ballads. That’s how high energy this concert was.

From our viewpoint Hiro & I could see the stage just fine. And to be honest there didn’t seem to be a bad seat in the house other than those who were way off to the sides or were in the sound only areas behind the stage. The smaller capacity of the venue was more a benefit than a hinderance.

SKE48 Kobe Concert

I’ll admit that I am not very familiar with SKE’s catalog of songs. On my iPod I only have around 25 of their tracks (that includes b-sides) so some of the set list was unknown territory for me. There were also some AKB48 stage songs included so that at least brought some sense familiarity between SKE songs.

The highlights of the concert were many for me. The Matsui Jurina solo of Blue Rose was great despite Jurina’s lack of power to pull the song off alone. That was made up by the fact that she was wearing the stage costume for the song and the video screen behind her had multiple Jurina’s doing the choreography with her in the center.

Dakishimeraretara only really had one member I was paying attention to the entire time, Furukawa Airi. That woman is all sorts of fine and to see her bring the sexy on in this song was certainly enough to keep my eyes locked on her. Once I was out of my trance I also noticed that Deguchi Aki was also there. Too little to late though, Furukawa pretty much had me.

SKE48 Kobe Concert

Next was the performance of the SKE48 b-side from AKB48’s Eien Pressure single, Tsuyogari Tokei. This was a stripped down piano version by Azuma Rion. Her rendition was very emotion filled and it sounded as if her voice was about to crack with the way she was putting her all into the song. A very pretty rendition of the track regardless.

Aishete Love was a song that I did not expect to be a killer live, but screaming the “I LOVE YOU!” and “AISHITERU” was during the chorus was very similar to the kind of thing we did last year for AKB48’s Heavy Rotation during Tokyo Dome. The song just had that opening where you could chant along in that kind of manner.

SKE48 also debuted their new single Sansei Kawaii (Release date November 20, 2013) which had a ton of options for call and response with the crowd. Definitely a fun song live, hopefully the video will be able to translate that feeling fully.

Speaking of feeling stuff. I noticed that the crowd was not as responsive to the more modern, electronic sounding songs like JYURI JYURI BABY or anything that they could not at least do the mix to. It’s something that confuses me as I don’t think that EVERY song should meet the requirement of having to scream a bunch of rhyming words while blasting away with a light stick.

I guess it’s a culture thing?

Since we were at the day concert it we were expecting no major announcements, but the addition of a December 5 concert at Yokohama Arena was sprung on everyone. The evening show had the announcement of the promotion of Yamada Mizuho to team KII. Well, that’s what was posted on Twitter while we were eating dinner.

Having no expectations going in I found this to be a great show and it was nice to know the difference between a sister group concert and one of those larger all AKS group concerts. While I’m still clueless on certain members of SKE48 outside of the front runners and the few I know of through other means it did not make the experience any less enjoyable.

If you have the opportunity to see one of their shows definitely take advantage of it.

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