Incredible choreography and cool rock beats: Japanese-Chinese boy group WARPs UP release ‘SUPERNOVA’ music video


Japanese-Chinese boys’ collective WARPs UP have released the video for the new song ‘SUPERNOVA’ on YouTube, marking their fourth release in four consecutive months. The single is also now exclusively available to purchase in China.

‘SUPERNOVA’ was produced by Tony Esterly and Paige Blue, who has worked on hits such as ‘Satisfied’ with Sia and multiple songs with BTS. This follows WARPs UP’s success working with Esterly and Blue on their previous single ‘Cloud 9’ in December 2020.

The song was envisioned as the ultimate concert opening track, with a powerful intro that pulls you headlong into the world of WARPs UP. Differing from their usual groove-led tracks, ‘SUPERNOVA’ has a solid rock sound that offers another glimpse of WARPs UP’s endless charms.

The video features yet another groundbreaking dance performance by the incomparably skilled WARPs UP members, and for the first time, they are also joined by a group of backing dancers. The larger number of performers makes the choreography all the more intense while hinting at the possibility of a fluid lineup of dancers in future videos.

WARPs is an abbreviation of Wave Assemble Radical People-syndicate, based on the concept of creating waves of innovation. It is a project that produces a variety of unique works and transcends national borders. WARPs UP is one of the groups within the WARPs project.

The group includes two members from Japan and two from China. The Japan side features RIKIMARU, a dancer and choreographer for many famous artists, and SANTA, a top-level dancer who has earned World Champion’s title at a world-renowned dance battle. Meanwhile, Chinese members MINGJUN and LANBYI gained performing experience as trained idols in China.

RIKIMARU and SANTA recently set the internet alight when they performed on ‘CHUANG2021’, a popular music variety program in China that has exceeded 5 billion views. Their performance on the show elicited an explosive reception from fans worldwide, while hashtags praising their performance trended on social media platform Weibo, with posts on the platform gaining over 60 million views.

As their star continues to rise, WARPs UP are forging their path. Check out their videos to witness a unique approach to music and dance.

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