Itano Tomomi – 1% Review

Itano Tomomi 1% Cover

Release Date: June 12, 2013

Track Listing

  1. 1%
  2. For You, For Me
  3. Shirokuro [Type A]
  4. Sister [Type B]
  5. 8 Years [Regular Edition]
  6. Shoujo A [Theater Edition]



1% is Itano Tomomi’s fourth single and last solo release as a member of the AKB48 family.  It is also the CM theme song for Samantha Thavasa’s brand Samantha Vega.  The a-side is a dance track that draws similarities to her first two singles. (Dear J and Fui ni) except for one thing; Itano sounds really bored.

The vocals are not exactly the most… What’s the word?  Exuberant.  The a-side sounds like Itano had blazed a few before the recording session.  There doesn’t exactly seem to be a huge amount of enthusiasm to go along with the catchy mainstream dance beats.

But that’s what instrumentals are for right?  Cut out the bad part of the song and just keep the good around.

The b-sides tend to fare better and Itano sounds like she was much more conscious or more aware for them.  Whether you will be is another matter entirely.  Split between the various versions of 1% are 2 ballads, 2 mid-tempo songs and 1 retro sounding jazz influenced track.

Amongst the ballads Sister is probably the stronger of those available and keeps things relatively simple with a bit of assistance of strategically placed auto-tune.  Speaking of auto-tune, if that is your thing you can follow up with For You, For Me which also has a small touch of the oh so popular vocal effect.

Thankfully the Pop/R&B feel of the song tends to suit Itano a lot more than most of the other songs in this package.  It’s disappointing that she was given more chest thumping ballads instead of something that works more for her vocal style like this. (in my opinion)

If you manage to get a hold of the theater version Shoujo A will be your bonus b-side.  The song sounds like it belongs in the background of an Austin Powers movie during a chase scene or maybe as part of a Cowboy Bebop intro.

Sadly this was a fairly lackluster listening experience overall.  Hardcore Itano fans and those who want to complete their AKB collection will probably eat this up regardless of quality.  You may want to consider borrowing this from one of them before investing in it yourself.


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1% (Type A)

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1% (Type B)

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