Itano Tomomi – Come Party Review

Come Party Cover a

Release Date: December 17, 2014

Track Listing

  1. Come Party
  2. Man Up
  3. Little Devil Girl (Type B)
  4. Le Freak (Regular Edition)
  5. Come Party (Instrumental)
  6. Man Up (Instrumental)
  7. Little Devil Girl (Instrumental) [Type B]
  8. Le Freak (Instrumental) [Regular Edition]


At the end of 2014 Itano Tomomi released her final single of that year. A dance/pop number that raised the ire of K-Pop fans where she was accused of plagiarizing Girl’s Day’s Easy Go. (from their Expectation album)

Included in this review are the Girl’s Day song and Itano’s track for you to decide whether there are some blatant shenanigans going on. There was no official statement on what this actual track is so who really knows? And does it matter?

It’s not like the supposed plagiarism affects any of you out there financially. So unless you’re not getting compensated properly for work you did who cares?

Controversy aside it is probably safe to state that this isn’t exactly a great leap from Itano’s previous releases. Come Party! continues what her album SWAG started. If you liked any of the up tempo songs on that album or just need something to try to kill the subs on your stereo this will most likely completely satisfy you.

And that can be said for any of the b-sides as well. It’s all party, party, party on the entire single package. The b-sides that garner some attention start with Man Up! It’s a typical “wait for the bass drop” EDM song and if that’s your thing it’s maybe great she got one of those songs in her catalog now.

I found it quite humorous to hear Itano demand that all the boys man up but the song is nothing spectacular to me.

The b-side that is of most interest is on the regular edition of the single, and that is the cover of Chic’s Le Freak. And for those who are wondering yes, it is sung completely in English. There’s less of a pronounced Japanese accent when she sings this song and it should be completely comprehensible to native English speakers.

The beats aren’t the classic disco that listeners are used to when hearing Le Freak. There are small elements of the original vibe, but otherwise it’s 4 on the floor thumping EDM. Is that blasphemy against a dance floor classic? I don’t necessarily think so but perhaps some of you may not be so open-minded.

Overall this is a pretty decent collection of songs that continue to distance Itano from her AKB past and push her towards the path of being a next generation dance/pop diva.

Come Party (Type A)


Come Party (Type B)


Come Party (Regular Edition)


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