Itano Tomomi – S×W×A×G Review

Itano Tomomi SWAG LE

Release Date: July 2, 2014

Track Listing

  1. Dear J
  2. 1%
  3. Wanna be now
  4. Ai ni Pierce
  5. Clone
  6. Fui ni
  7. For you, For me
  8. 10nen go no Kimi e
  9. lose-lose
  10. little
  11. Girls Do
  13. BOW WOW
  14. JAN-PARAN!!
  15. Crush


S×W×A×G is Itano Tomomi’s debut solo album containing her first 5 singles Dear J, Fui ni, 10nen go no Kimi e, 1% and little. It comes in three versions: a limited CD+DVD edition, a regular CD Only edition, and a CD only Samantha Vega board edition sold only on KING e-SHOP.

The first eleven songs on this album consist of previously released material from her singles with the final four songs being new material including the promotional single Crush.

When listening to Itano’s music you can see that there are many similarities to the Hip-Pop and Dance music that Amuro Namie has been releasing over the past few years. Whether this is intentional or coincidental is up to you. But I tend to think that if it is the former, that it’s a pretty good career path to follow post-AKB.

Since the majority of the material on S×W×A×G is fairly familiar to AKB fans there’s probably not a good reason to buy this if you already have all her singles. If you are a hardcore Itano fan you’re not listening to me and have already managed to get a hold of all three editions of this album.

The four new songs on this album manage to fit in well with the well-known tracks and can be considered as listen worthy album cuts with the best of the bunch being Swaggalicious. The attempt at being a bit hard in Bow Wow is fairly laughable though. Gangster is something she should never try again and perhaps is the only skippable track in the entire album.

If you’re one who has not invested in Itano Tomomi I suggest giving the videos here a good look to see if she interests you.

As I stated before, she’s like a mini-Namie so perhaps that might sway you a little to give Itano a shot.  Or may be not. But in the end this is a fairly decent dance/pop album that should satisfactory enough for those looking something to bump in their ride or workout to.

S×W×A×G (Regular Edition)


S×W×A×G (Limited Edition)


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