IU feat. SUGA – eight (Selective Hearing Remix)


Release Date: May 6, 2020
Key: Db Major
BPM: 120

IU’s “coming-of-age” series of songs comes to an end with her digital single eight. The song speaks of IU’s experiences at the age of 28. She describes it as a feeling of lethargy and the longing for the ‘orange island’ where freedom rather than sadness is felt. The song was written and composed by BTS’s SUGA, who features on the track as well. The music is a mix of pop-rock and acoustic EDM that accentuates the emotional feeling of IU and SUGA’s vocal performances.

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IU – eight (2020)

[sc_embed_player_template1 fileurl=”https://selective-hearing.com/audio/Remixes/IU feat. SUGA – eight (Selective Hearing Remix Instrumental).m4a”]

IU – eight (Instrumental) [2020]

For my remix, I also wanted to create an instrumental that evoked the feelings of lyrics and the vocal performances but still somehow change the sound up a bit from the original. That meant going all-in on the EDM to accomplish that. I programmed the drums first and then wrote the chord structure using the pad you hear in the introduction of the remix. Everything else musically was built around those two elements.

The final result is a more dance-friendly version of the song that still manages to encapsulate the original mood.

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