Iwasa Misaki – Sabakaidou Review

Iwasa Misaki Sabakaidou RE

Release Date: January 10, 2017

Track Listing

Limited Edition

  1. Sabakaidou
  2. Futarizake (Kawanaka Miyuki cover)
  3. Sabakaidou (Karaoke)
  4. Futarizake (Karaoke)

Regular Edition

  1. Sabakaidou
  2. Ishikari Banka (Kitahara Mirei cover)
  3. Nagori Yuki (Acoustic Version) (Iruka Cover)
  4. Sabakaidou (Karaoke)
  5. Ishikari Banka (Karaoke)
  6. Nagori Yuki (Acoustic Version) (Karaoke)


Sabakaidou is Iwasa Masaki’s sixth single release. The title track references a trade route between Kyoto and Obama known as the Mackerel Road. The fact that the covers for this single are related to two important fishing seasons (fall and winter) are no coincidence.

The a-side is a pleasing piece of up-tempo Enka music that should not only please fans of Wasamin but also those who normally don’t listen to this particular genre of music. Well that is unless you are some sort of hardcore Enka purist. Then you may not be so fond of this song depending on where you draw your line in the sand.

The b-sides consist of several cover songs that are not AKB48 songs, marking only the second time this has ocurred on an Iwasa Misaki single. The cover of most interest is Nagori Yuki. The original version appeared previously on Iwasa’s Request Covers album. The version on this single is an acoustic version featuring Iwasa playing the guitar herself.

Sabakaidou (Regular Edition)

Sabakaidou (Limited Edition)

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