IZ*ONE – Merry-Go-Round (Selective Hearing 2021 Remix)

IZONE Oneiric Diary CD Cover

Release Date: June 15, 2020
Key: E Minor
BPM: 122

Merry-Go-Round is a song on IZ*ONE’s third Korean EP, Oneiric Diary, in Korean and Japanese language versions. The original is a low tempo Dance-Pop number with some light disco influence that perfectly fits Oneiric Diary’s dreamy and fantasy-like theme.

Last year I attempted remixing this particular IZ*ONE album cut. I wanted to give it a higher energy feeling compared to the original version. The first attempt was a simplistic try at putting my stamp on their song, which you can hear below.

IZ*ONE – Merry-Go-Round (2020 Remix)

I was never satisfied with the final result as it didn’t sound complete. Something was missing, and the overall mix sounded like ass. So I have decided to go back to Merry-Go-Round again to take the skills I have acquired in the past year and apply them to an updated version of the remix.

For my second go at Merry-Go-Round, I kept what I liked from my first attempt. The piano chords, the bass line and the plucked melody. I tossed the excess and rebuilt the rest of the track from scratch, so the drum sounds, strings, and the various layered synths are all new to this version.

Discerning listeners should spot the differences between this updated remix and the composition I made last year. Well, at least I hope some of you can.

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