IZ*ONE – Violeta (2019)

IZ*ONE – Violeta (Instrumental) [2019]

Release Date: 2019.04.01
Key: G Major
BPM: 115

This is a song I have wanted to a crack at for a while but never really had the time to do so until now. It was actually pieced together section by section over a couple of months because I had a bunch of other stuff on the go such as KCON and work. And since this isn’t a paid gig why rush it right?

The hardest thing about constructing this remix was working with the vocals as it’s not a clean acapella by any means. There are artifacts of the original instrumental that bleed out, especially near the end of the song. So I did my best to either cover those up with a wall of sound or slice up the file in a way that gets rid of the unwanted sounds without too many disruptions to the integrity of the vocal track. It’s not a completely perfect job but enough for the purposes of this project.

The original version of Violeta is a song that starts out slow and sweet and builds until it reaches reaches its climax at the chorus sections and again at its outro. For my take I decided to just dial back the intensity a wee bit and keep the feeling closer to the sweet side as much as possible.