JABBERLOOP – Check This Out

Check This Out!! / JABBERLOOP

Release Date: March 18, 2009

Track Listing

  1. Piano De B Dash
  2. With All My Love
  3. Space Daikaijuu no Gyakushuu
  4. Synesthesia ~Kami no Itazura~
  5. Fly With The Wind
  6. Low Bit Funk
  7. Emozione
  8. Shirokuma
  9. Yuki ga Tokeru Hi ni…
  10. Here We Go
  11. White Out
  12. Kiseki no Hate
  13. Shougon Densetsu


JABBERLOOP is a six member Jazz club band & Check This Out is their 3rd album.  Their songs are some uptempo, funky and lively.  From listening to this album it sounds like they just hit the record button & started jamming.  I get a raw & live kind of vibe from their tracks, which is a refreshing change from the somewhat robotic arrangements of pop music.

Just to be clear, this isn’t like the stereotypical Jazzz or anything.  So if you’re thinking this might be something your grandparents would listen to you’re incorrect in that assumption.  There are elements of Hip-Hop & House  in their songs to give their songs a bit of edge & make them easily digestible to folks to don’t  normally listen to this kind of music.

The closest artists I can think of  when it comes  to comparing JABBERLOOP to anyone is to think of  U.K. Soul bands.  Stuff  like Sweetback, The Brand New Heavies or hell, even Jamiroquai.  Just without vocals.

Normally I don’t write about Jazz or anything close to it but this is way too damn good to hide from everyone.  What’s on this album probably won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, especially if you’re used to singing along to catchy hooks or aren’t fond of instrumental pieces.  But for those willing to give it a go I promise it’ll be worth your time.

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