Japan 2014: Not Enough Time


This journey to Japan started on May 20 with a rather uneventful plane ride to Narita. It was after I landed that things got interesting. As usual I picked up my sim card from the GPA office on the departures floor.

When I put it in my phone it wouldn’t activate for some reason and I spent a bit of time troubleshooting until I realized that Narita Airport itself has some shitty reception so that may have been causing the issue.

It wasn’t until I got out of the airport that my LTE activated. My train ride into Tokyo was interesting, as I believe I took the Keisei local instead of the Skyliner, which made for a tremendously long train ride. It definitely wasn’t what I remembered from last year’s ride as it stopped in every possible place.

Tokyu Stays Nishi-Shinjuku

It wasn’t until around 8 that I finally arrived at my hotel, the Tokyu Stays Nishi-Shinjuku. It was exactly as I had seen on Google Maps. Exit the station and head up until you see the McDonald’s. (Which is conveniently placed right next to the hotel.)


My hotel room was nothing to write home about but it had a desk, bed, a decent sized bathroom, a TV and most importantly, free wi-fi. Once I got cleaned up I met Hiro in his land of Suidobashi. He warned me that a Tohoshinki concert had just ended and fan girls were swarming all over the station.

When I arrived he wasn’t kidding. From my train window I could see a flood of women as the train approached the platform of Suidobashi station. It made getting out of the station a little interesting and when I finally barged my way through I stood off next to the ramen stand across from the station and took a few pictures and video of the madness.


Kuishinbo Food

When the sea of people cleared I finally saw Hiro and we went to some random place for dinner that was close to the station since in case I had to make my last train. The food was pretty good and for a first meal in Japan and I was pretty satisfied.


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