Japan 2014: Not Enough Time

May 22

Tokyo Tower

The next target on the joint list was Tokyo Tower. This time the weather was more in our favor than with Sky Tree. Well at least for the early part of the morning. This was another place that I have never actually been in. During my 2007 trip I kind of walked by the tower but never got to go in due to time restraints. So another wish fulfilled.

We took our time wandering around the 2 observatories. There were many more people in Tokyo Tower than the Sky Tree. Especially the school tour groups. There were so many kids. It was nuts.

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower

I’ll say that my camera got quite the workout at this place. The investment in a Sony NEX/Alpha series camera was certainly worth it.

Hiro on the other hand, was not so impressed with the view.

After our tour of the upper floors of the tower we explore the shops. That’s when we noticed that there was some heavy rain coming down outside. Of course I didn’t have an umbrella but luckily one of the gift shops was selling them in case I needed to get one badly.

Mega Mac

Mega Mac

We stopped for lunch in the food court where I decided to take a shot at the Mega Mac at McDonald’s. Unfortunately the “mega” is kind of subjective as it looked like a regular Big Mac. It’s just that the patties were thinner so they could stack a few extra in there.

Tokyo Station

By the time lunch was over the rain had stopped and we decided to hit up Tokyo Station to try to get some Kit Kats. That didn’t really end up going as well as planned since we didn’t know we had to go to a certain exit to reach the shop selling said Kit Kats.

So we just wandered around aimlessly through one of biggest and busiest stations in Japan. We did eventually concede to being defeated by this station and went elsewhere instead.


The evening saw us meet up with the crew at a Yakiniku joint in Shinjuku. Good for me since that was my hood for this trip. Good food and good times and one of the rare occasions where we were all together.

After dinner we surprised Hiro with “dessert” at a special place called Big Echo Karaoke. Yes, we managed to get Hiro to reluctantly make his Japanese debut. Our senpai can really belt out them jams. We ended up going until about 2 AM. After which those of us in the Shinjuku area walked back to our hotels while the others waited for the first trains of the day to start to get back to theirs.

That one night is probably the longest I’ve ever stayed out in Tokyo. Unlike other cities, I felt completely safe just walking around in the wee hours of the morning. There was no feeling of impending doom or the need to constantly watch my back.

It was great.

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