Japan 2014: Not Enough Time

May 23

Decks Odaiba

We were supposed to all meet in Odaiba on this day but due to the previous night’s festivities that was nixed. I still woke up early and went anyway since my goal was to get a picture with the wax Oshima Yuko.

So off I went to Madame Tussauds at the DECKS building. I took the long, slow and scenic way there since I wasn’t exactly pressed for time. The ocean view when you come into Odaiba is spectacular.

Eventually I arrived at the DECKS building. The layout reminded me of something similar to an outdoor mall in California. I wandered around for a bit until I found the escalator for the Madame Tussauds entrance.

Wax Bruce Willis

The first wax figure I encountered was Bruce Willis in the elevator on the way up to the main gallery. Upon entering and buying my ticket I was told that the figures for Nelson Mandela and Michael Jackson were under maintenance. Otherwise, everything else was free to take a picture of.

After that it was Johnny Depp just after the ticket counter. Now here’s the cool thing about this place. If you’re solo the staff will take your picture with any of the figures in the museum and will follow you around asking if you want to do so.

Yay for that since I didn’t have any of my regular partners in crime with me.

Dan Mitsu

In the movie star wing of the museum I noticed there was a figure of Dan Mitsu. Just to be sure it was she I took pictures from all angles. Yup, I know dat ass.

Just because I’m a nice dude here’s a short video tour of Madame Tussauds Tokyo.

A good part of my morning was spent in Odaiba and after resting up, I got directions to Tokyo Station to make a run at the Kit Kats again. This time I had more success after getting into the proper exit. I scooped up a big basket full of every flavor available plus some Funyassi toilet paper.

Mission accomplished in regards to omiyage (souvenirs) for some of the folks back home. Their money was well spent.

David Liao

Dinner was at Uchida Mayumi’s Yakiniku restaurant IWA. Yup, Yakiniku again. On my way to the restaurant some random dude while leaving the train station bumped me. That random dude was none other than NSK’s fearless leader himself David Liao.

I didn’t even know he was going to be in Japan at the same time as us or at all. Hiro and I mocked him endlessly for being too lazy to get his ass to Japan before all his favorite idols retired. Apparently there was a conspiracy, as several of our friends knew this was going down. D. Change did not have a chance to record my reaction to Liao’s appearance but he did get Hiro’s.



IWA was a pretty chill place. It’s slightly larger than I had expected and of course there was AKB music playing in the background. There was also Uchida specific memorabilia and autographs from various AKB members along the walls of the restaurant.


Since it was election time there were also many of Uchida’s election posters around at each booth as well. The night was still young after dinner so a trip to Akihabara was made.

I was in search of the table flipping game and wanted redemption for my failure on video in 2012. Thanks to Anthony we eventually found the game and my results were much more satisfying this year. We also partook in some taiko drumming action as well.

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