Japan 2014: Not Enough Time

May 26

The first thing I did was to ship off the box of omiyage back home. I thought mailing stuff out from Japan would be difficult but it was actually fairly painless. I just hope that the box actually arrives. At least I got a tracking number so we’ll see what happens.

After mailing everything out I spent my entire day in Akihabara finishing up some shopping for my peeps back home. This was the day that I dropped a ton of coin on photo cards, light sticks and all that wota stuff.

Japanese Media

Japanese Media

I also hung around the café watching the media pounce on AKB48 fans to find out if they’ve been traumatized by the fan attack on Sunday. They even tried to interview me and I went into dumb foreigner mode immediately. I would not be the token dumbass foreigner for anyone’s story. Since I had to pack up I called it an early day after getting back to my hotel. I was hoping to get an overhead shot of the crossing in Shibuya but I was exhausted and still had to pack.

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