Japan 2014: Not Enough Time

May 27


The day I lived twice. In Tokyo I packed up all my stuff and had one final meal at the hotel before heading out to the airport. I was hoping to have lunch with the remaining crew but that didn’t pan out.

When I arrived at the airport I went to the Air Canada check in where things turned into a giant clusterfuck. People checking in shit tons of luggage and boxes holding the others up. What should have taken me 20 minutes to do, took 3 hours.

I barely made my gate and sat down for a quick sandwich before boarding. The flight back was full and behind me was some punk ass little kid who kept kicking my seat.

For the first time I actually slept on the flight for a really long time. (When the kid finally stopped kicking my seat) It was nice. The rest of the time I spent watching movies (finished The Lego Movie and R.I.P.D.), playing video games and of course typing this up.


This trip was definitely different from the previous ones. I didn’t do a lot of idol or music related things outside of the 2-shot event and if I could have stayed longer I would have absolutely done so just to hang out with my people a little bit longer.  Really there’s never enough time. But there’s always next year right?

I also didn’t spend a lot on myself.  Most of my shopping time was dedicated to others.  In total I probably spent about $200 on me and that was just for 3 PS Vita games.  Not bad really.  At least I know I can curb my spending if I absolutely need to.  Have that mental fortitude and willpower and all that.

If there were things that I would do differently it would be the following. First, I would probably pick a more centralized hotel. Man it took a while to get from anywhere since I usually had to transfer at least once to get around and that ate up a lot of time. And getting to the Oedo line from within Shinjuku station was an awfully long walk.

Also, I think I’m gonna try to save for a higher class level for the flight next trip. I think the kid kicking my seat was the last straw.  It would be nice to actually get to  Japan in comfort instead of being squeezed in like a sardine. My flight in was so much better than my flight out since no one was sitting next to me on the way into Japan.  At least in that case I had a bit of extra leg room to work with. And no one kicking my seat.

As always I miss another m-flo concert.  They always release an album or do a concert just when I leave Japan.  Every year I’ve gone overseas this has happened.  One day.  One day I will see m-flo live.

Before I go, a special shout out to all the many people I have met on this trip. It was great seeing the faces to some familiar names around our small circle of the western idol fandom.  It was a truly a pleasure meeting all of you.

To the regulars, it was also great seeing y’all again. We had some fun times as always.

Until next year Japan.


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