Japan 2016 – 2-shot Bonanza: Tables, Idols & Chairs 2

I was planning to go to Japan again in December of this year but then AKB48’s 7th album 2-shots were announced. Not one to pass up the opportunity to take pictures with the 48 family of idols I decided to apply and see if my luck of the draw at these particular lotteries would continue to follow me. I have been fairly fortunate in these particular draws. Otherwise I tend to fail miserably at theater show and concert applications and just about everything else AKB lottery related.

Since there hasn’t been much in regards to any events that people without special tickets distributed 8 years ago can attend during the AKB anniversary time period, I decided to move forward with applying for 2-shots despite my negative experience at the beginning of the one in May.

I suspect AKB will announce something cool just when the price of airfare to Japan in December spikes for the holiday season. Which doesn’t really make things affordable for a short hit and run. So as nice as it would be to be in Japan around that time, I find it financially realistic to go in Spring of 2016 and up my 2-shot cheevos list by taking pictures with your oshis. That’s not to say I won’t try for December but the likelihood of me going is dwindling by the second.


With a firmer commitment to a March trip the first thing I had to decide is when do I go? There are events running from February until mid March of 2016 so there were a lot of choices in regards to dates. In the end I chose the most ideal dates that would allow me to get a decent number of photo ops without spending an entire day at the venue.

That is the weekend of March 12/13 at Makuhari Messe. With back to back events I don’t have to worry about strategically stacking members so I don’t miss pre-lines and instead I can go through the whole process at a more leisurely pace. And most importantly, I can show up early with the ever increasing unwashed gaijin hordes who need their tickets stamped and when all is said and done GTFO early and do something at night without being completely exhausted.

I recall the last time I was at Makuhari Messe it was standing in line in the middle of a typhoon waiting to see NMB48. I’m hoping the weather in March will be more accommodating. Or at the very least not as wet. With that said, let’s discuss who I will be taking pictures with next year. Since the application period is still open, this may be subject to additions if I really feel like balling out. =p

March 12

松井珠理奈 (Matsui Jurina) [Team S/K]
渋谷凪咲 (Shibuya Nagisa) [Team B2/4]
島崎遥香 (Shimazaki Haruka) [Team A]
佐藤すみれ (Sato Sumire) [Team E]
横山由依 (Yokoyama Yui) [Team A]

March 13

松井珠理奈 (Matsui Jurina) [Team S/K]
田中菜津美 (Tanaka Natsumi) [Team H]
向井地美音 (Mukaichi Mion) [Team K]
兒玉遥 (Kodama Haruka) [Team H/K]
石田安奈 (Ishida Anna) [Team S]

There are some repeats from previous 2-shot events such as Shibuya, Yokoyama and Ishida but also some new picks to freshen things up. Redemption is mine (hopefully) with the double shot of Matsui Jurina to make up for the lost opportunity in the previous event I attended. The other member that might be iffy is Shimazaki Haruka. Whether Dr. Paru is in the house is 50/50 at best and I am preparing to be extremely disappointed and saddened by the entire experience with her. The ultimate disappointment of course is her being a no show. Gotta dig that salt.

So yes, some of you may be thinking that I’m crazy for doing this yet again but to each their own right? And some may be disappointed I kept my plans under wraps and for that I apologize. I wasn’t sure about this until the end of the current round of applications where I lucked out on a few photo ops that sealed the deal. Hey, shit happens. What can I say?

So much for taking a break from overseas travel next year.

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