Japanese-American solo artist and FAKY member AKINA releases first self-written single, ‘Gravity’


Japanese-American solo artist and FAKY member AKINA releases first self-written single, ‘Gravity’ – a tale of falling in vain for an impossible love.

AKINA’ Gravity’ download and streaming links: https://avex.lnk.to/Gravity_AKINAPR

AKINA stands out in the J-pop world. With her Japanese-American roots and childhood spent moving between countries worldwide, this rising solo artist and FAKY member have a rich multicultural outlook that informs her music. Now AKINA celebrates her second solo single, ‘Gravity,’ released on Dec 18th accompanied by a music video.

With production by Yaffle, who had worked with artists such as Fujii Kaze and iri, AKINA’s previous single ‘Touch’ caused a stir among music fans when it was released on Nov 27th. A cover of a song by British singer-songwriter Shura, AKINA’s ‘Touch’ was a simple yet beautiful rendition that she truly made her own. The track was added to many playlists on Spotify and Apple Music. As her first solo release, the track inspired a strong reaction from fans.

AKINA Gravity Cover

AKINA’s second single, ‘Gravity,’ is once again produced in collaboration with Yaffle – and it is also AKINA’s first self-written song to be publicly released.

In her career so far, as a member of the girl group FAKY and as a fresh new solo artist, the focus has been on AKINA’s powerful singing voice and expressive dance routines that have been praised by world-class choreographers. AKINA has been writing songs since the age of 15. Her excellent songwriting skills and musical originality have been proven for all to see.

AKINA’s multicultural music sense and Yaffle’s highly skilled production work make for a unique combination. The multi-layered sound created by the two collaborators embodies the title concept of “gravity,” resulting in a great song that recalls the comforting pull of the ocean as you sink willingly beneath the waves.

The music video for ‘Gravity’ was also released on FAKY’s YouTube channel. The video was directed by Yosuke Torii, who has shot photos for world-renowned overseas artists such as Rihanna and domestic acts such as UVERworld, Never young beach and Kayoko Yoshizawa. The video is shot in classic black and white, with visual motifs based on the concept of gravity, as AKINA, symbolically caressing an apple, is led toward the ocean by unseen guiding forces.

AKINA was styled for the video by her FAKY bandmate Mikako, who has been singled out as an up-and-coming fashion icon by Droptokyo as part of its FOREVER HEROES series.

The high quality of AKINA’s solo songs makes her budding solo career and bright future a delight to watch unfold, and it’s exciting to see these FAKY members reveal new sides to their talents. Check out ‘Gravity’ for a musical experience with genuine weight.

AKINA comment

The ‘Gravity’ MV is so different from what you’re used to from me. I wanted to show a more real side of me to fit with the lyrics I wrote. I hope anyone who is in a problematic place can relate to my words – AKINA.

Yaffle comment

Making music with the talented singer AKINA was a creative, fun and exciting experience. My role was to make her wonderful singing voice and the song’s groove connect with the listener as directly as possible. It was a deceptively complex order for AKINA to fulfil, so I was impressed at how skillfully and easily she was able to handle it. – Yaffle.

Mikako comment

I did the styling for AKINA’s 2nd single “Gravity” music video. I initially liked the music made by AKINA, so I’m thrilled to be able to do that. I didn’t want to destroy AKINA’s image, so I made it pretty simple overall, but I put an effort to focus on the fine details! Her various facial expressions in the monochrome world were so beautiful that I was fascinated by the music’s sensibility made by AKINA. I hope many people will get to know AKINA’s music. – Mikako.

AKINA information:

Official website: https://avex.jp/akina/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB0bl5q4gqVxwiygBwi-HKQ
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/akina_faky/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AKINA_faky