Jewel☆Ciel announces upcoming first album at “Ashitamirai” one-man concert

Jewel☆Ciel announced their long awaited first full album at their one-man concert “Ashitamirai”, held December 21 at Shibuya Stream Hall.

The Japanese idol group performed 22 songs backed by a full band at the special event, which included an acoustic section and 2 new songs, “Jounetsu no bunshi ga ichido yuretara” and “FIRST STAR”.

Jewel☆Ciel’s as-yet-untitled first album is scheduled for release April 21, 2020, with a tour of Japan to follow in May.

Jewel☆Ciel – “Aoi no Mukou” (MV)

Jewel☆Ciel – “Ashita Mirai” (MV)

Jewel☆Ciel 12/21/2019 @ Shibuya Stream Hall Set List

1. Natsuoto
2. Baby Summer
3. Natsuzora
4. Futari Cider
5. Kokoro wa ugoiteru
6. Chocolat no dokuhaku
7. Koisuru kimochi (acoustic version)
8. Ame to namida to otome to taiyaki (acoustic version)
9. Seven Star
10. Gunjou
11. Jounetsu no bunshi ga ichido yuretara (new song)
12. Lipstick
13. Pin Badge
14. Hummingbird
15. Blue Love Letter
16. Hashire, Hashire
17. Kandou namida
18. Ashita e
19. Senkou Believer
20. Ashitamirai
EN1. First Star (new song)
EN2. Ai no Mukou