Jin Akanishi – Japonicana

Jin Akanishi - Japonicana

Release Date: March 6, 2012

Track Listing

  1. Sun Burns Down
  2. California feat. Prophet
  3. That’s What She Said feat. Uffie
  4. I Like You
  5. Set Love Free
  6. Aphrodisiac feat. Static Revenger
  7. Oowah
  8. Test Drive (7th Heaven Mix) feat. Jason Derulo
  9. Tell Me Where


After the teasers that were Test Drive and Sun Burns Down Jin Akanishi drops his American debut album Japonicana. Consisting mostly of club and R&B radio friendly songs this album is clearly focused on capturing the attention of the U.S. listener.

Even though this album is meant to be just another pop infestation into your brain it doesn’t come without its share of controversy. The lyrical content of That’s What She Said implies a bit of date rape. So much that it’s causing a stir on the interwebs.

My personal opinion is that the song is about some sort of sexual violation. But it’s fairly tame and not exactly explicit or TMI graphic in nature. Definitely not as much as some songs I’ve heard in R&B and Hip-Hop over the years. If you don’t take the lyrics too seriously you’ll notice that it is a great song.

Other tracks to take note of are I Like You, Aphrodisiac and Oowah. The best of the bunch being the high energy Aphrodisiac. Even thought is kind of typical of current American club pop it’s still a catchy track.

Overall this was a fairly solid debut. There were some weak spots & it’s kind of short. I mean, only 9 tracks? But it will be interesting to see if this is the one album that will break the so-called “glass ceiling” that many crossover J-Pop artists are trapped under when they come to America. I could say that this is similar to Utada’s This Is The One where much of the content is primed for the American market.

In the end I sense this probably will experience the same fate as that album and it will fall on deaf ears. Most of the songs will be relegated to the dance charts while barely touching the Top 40. Don’t take that as fact, it’s just the feeling I got after listening to this. Of couse you shouldn’t let that stop you from picking this up.



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