Jin Akanishi – Sun Burns Down

JIn Akanishi Sun Burns Down

Release Date: January 24, 2012

Track Listing

  1. Sun Burns Down
  2. Sun Burns Down (Bill Hamel & Meaux Green Remix)
  3. Sun Burns Down (7th Heaven Club Mix)
  4. Sun Burns Down (Razor N’ Guido Main)


Jin Akanishi’s 2nd American single sees him going solo without any assistance from any current popular State side artists. Much like Test Drive this is is dance floor fare meant for getting sweaty in the club or cranking to 11 in your car.

To be honest Sun Burns Down isn’t that far of a departure from what he’s done before. It has the same type of lyrical content and musical arrangement so if you liked Test Drive you’ll probably dig this.

What’s most interesting about this package is that there are a variety of remixes included that give the song a different flavor. A rarity for any American single as maxi-singles are not normally available anymore to anyone who isn’t a DJ or part of a record pool.

If you want something fairly mainstream out of the 3 available on this single go straight to the 7th Heaven Club Mix. That is probably the most accessible mix that uses the full vocal to its best effect. Be warned that it is a full 12″ mix so if you don’t like extended intros & outros or have some sort of ADD that doesn’t let you listen to a song past 3 minutes give it a pass.

For those who want slightly harder and alternative mixes then take a stab at the other two. They’re not exactly the most “radio friendly” so again if you don’t have infinite patience or just don’t like long tracks with slow builds hit the skip button. But you are missing out on some good stuff if you do.

Even though this isn’t a great leap forward, it’s still a great track. The sad thing is that this will most likely go high on the Dance charts and possibly languish below the Billboard Top 100. But don’t let that stop you from picking this up.

Sun Burns Down


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