Juice=Juice Announces Additional International Tour Dates for South America on “Juice=Juice Day”

Hello! Project’s rising idol group Juice=Juice celebrated “Juice=Juice day” on October 10th with a special performance at Zepp Tokyo.

During the event, the group expressed their thoughts regarding their recent world tour:

Miyazaki stated, “We started the ‘JUICE=JUICE LIVE AROUND 2017’ tour from Mexico City on September 8th. This is the first tour with all 7 members. We were nervous about the tour.”

Takagi followed, “We learned how to talk in different languages from many countries. We learned many things from all the countries we’ve toured in.”

Kanazawa said, “On the first day of the tour in Mexico, all the fans welcomed us and cheered for us from even one hour before the show! And they even sang along “Fiesta ! Fiesta!” with us in Spanish.”

Miyamoto, who was on hiatus due to functional dysphonia prior to the world tour, commented, “This world tour was the first tour after I came back. I heard that many fans enjoyed seeing all 7 members. I was very pleased to hear that.”

Uemura continued, “We did a hand shake session at each show. I was very surprised that many overseas fans said that they will even coming to see us at the Budokan show in November.”

Yanagawa, one of the two new members, commented, “Every country has different reactions. And I enjoyed seeing many of them sing along for the solo parts.”

The other new member, Dambara, said, “This is my first time going overseas. I was very nervous. But all the other members supported me. I ended up enjoying it a lot.”

Also during the JUICE=JUICE Day event, they announced the following additional dates in South America as a part of their “JUICE=JUICE LIVE AROUND 2017” tour.

  • December 12th, Lima, Peru
  • December 14th, Santiago, Chile
  • December 15th, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • December 17th, Fortaleza, Brazil

All South America tour details will be announced shortly on Up Front Link and the JUICE=JUICE official website. VIP tickets/premium passes will include a special 16 page booklet featuring exclusive interviews and photos of Juice=Juice and a handshake session.

The group also has an upcoming BUDOKAN concert on November 20th in Tokyo, Japan.

ABOUT Juice=Juice


On February 3rd, 2013, the birth of a new unit was announced during the 15th Anniversary Hello! Project Live Winter. Their group name “Juice=Juice” comes from various notions such as: just-harvested, fresh-picked, spontaneity, natural, freshly squeezed, etc.

After releasing 3 indie singles, Juice=Juice made their major debut on September 11th, 2013 which placed 2nd in the Oricon weekly singles chart. In 2013, they received the Best Newcomer of the Year Award at the 55th Japan Record Awards. In April 2015, they even placed 1st on the Oricon weekly singles charts with their 6th single.

Juice=Juice performed over 330 concerts throughout Japan and with several dates in Hong Kong and Taiwan for including previous Japan tour, “Juice=Juice LIVE MISSION 220”. The tour was a massive success, with their final concert at Nippon Budokan arena in 2015-2016, in front of 10,000 people.

Earlier this year in April, Juice=Juice released their 9th single “Jidanda Dance / Feel! Kanjiruyo” which was placed third in the Oricon weekly CD singles chart in Japan. Their newest single “Fiesta! Fiesta!” is available now on iTunes.

Juice=Juice has become active worldwide in 2017, starting from their recent performance at the Viral Fest Asia in Thailand in front of 8,000 people, and continuing to perform their own concerts in Mexico, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Malaysia, Indonesia and Taiwan.


Yuka Miyazaki (23)
Tomoko Kanazawa (22)
Sayuki Takagi (20)
Karin Miyamoto (18)
Akari Uemura (18)
Ruru Dambara (16)
Nanami Yanagawa (15)

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