JYJ – Ayyy Girl PV

JYJ have released the video for their first global single Ayyy Girl.  When I heard this song I was thinking that perhaps the video would be something like the group rolling up in the club and picking up some fine ladies. Then you would have Kanye & Malik Yusef mugging for the camera and maybe get some dance shots and close-ups or something going on in between all that.

But this?  As generic as the video storyboard I laid out was, at least it made sense in the context of the song.  This video requires one to read up on Greek mythology to understand all the symbolism that’s going on. Pile on some overdone and distracting CG that adds nothing and you have a mess of a video.

It also doesn’t help that they still look like femmed up K-Pop boy banders. But at least there are some cool dance sequences here. But you know what? I highly doubt anyone who knows who they are will give a damn and will call this the best thing since man discovered fire. That’s fine. I still stick to my opinion that this video deserves Video On Trial treatment stat.

Before all you DBSK/Tohoshinki/TVXQ fan girls (and boys) get all worked up I’m not being a hater. I happen to dig them and their song “Choosey Lover” will always remind me of my first trip to Japan. I am looking at this from the point of creating a successful promotional vehicle outside of Asia and unfortunately this isn’t it.  As I stated in my review of their album I thought that Be My Girl should have been released first.

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