JYP – When We Disco (Selective Hearing Remix)

When We Disco Cover Art

Release Date: August 12, 2020
Key: Eb Minor
BPM: 132

JYP’s latest release is a duet with SUNMI called When We Disco. It is a throwback to 80’s dance music, mainly synth-pop. Those of a certain age may hear this song and look back fondly to their days of wasted youth. The younger set may find the retro camp entertaining with zero emotional attachment to this particular music era.

JYP – When We Disco [Duet with SUNMI] (2020)

JYP feat. SUNMI – When We Disco [Duet with SUNMI] [Instrumental] (2020)

This is a song that I immediately thought of ideas for when I first heard it. The first thing I had in mind was to create something with a disco kind of feel of course. That morphed into something much different as I worked on this project.

Instead of going with a straight disco kind of track, I went where the music took me. The only thing I wanted to make sure of is that I used a lot of “soft” sounds to match the lyrics’ mood. The final result is something that takes When We Disco into an alternate musical direction while still keeping some of the original version’s charm intact.

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