Kago Ai Tries To End It All… Again

Kago AiIt was recently reported on Tokyograph that Kago Ai was found in her Roppongi apartment with self inflicted wounds indicative of a suicide attempt. This is the second time Kago has tried to take her own life, the first being shortly after her dismissal from Hello! Project.

As harsh as this may sound she brought this unfortunate fate upon herself with her questionable life choices. I find it difficult to jump aboard the “Let’s give Kago our love and support!” bandwagon when it’s obvious she doesn’t give a damn about her career or her life.

I was really rooting for her to turn things around when she started doing things like acting in crappy Chinese movies and singing in New York Jazz clubs. (Her Kago Ai meets Jazz album is really good by the way) She even went on Twitter and updated her fans on what she’s been up to quite frequently. Even responding to some.

Now? She’s back to dating shady older dudes and hasn’t done anything of significance in months. Is she even still with her agency or did she bail on them too? I’m not going to go as far as to say she reaped what she sowed. (because that’s wrong)

In his write up of this article Ray from IW asked for some clarification of the above statement. This is more along the lines of going against the popular opinion of immediate support. It appears to be “wrong” by many to not support her at this time and any statements not immediately embracing her may be seen as a slap to the face or kicking one when she is down.

Kago chose her own undoing but perhaps I as one who supported her in the past can’t quite accept that she has fallen as hard as she has. Which is why I can’t go as far as to say “she reaped what she sowed” even though it’s the obvious truth. There’s still that small part of me that still remembers her as she was in H!P before she grew up that won’t allow me to state it outright and openly.

There needs to be a change in her lifestyle. Whoever these men are, they aren’t a good influence on her and have stifled what should have been a successful comeback into the entertainment industry.

I’m not exactly shocked at this turn of events. Given that Kago Ai’s life has been nothing but scandal after scandal post Hello! Project we were bound to hear something else about her. Really, it’s depressing to see someone become so mentally and emotionally drained that they think taking their life is the only way of dealing with the real world.

Normally I would have something snappy to say to end all this but I don’t. It’s hard to think of someone from my favorite generation of Morning Musume in such a state.

All I can think is that in some alternate universe there is a happy Kago Ai. She’s still with UFA & is languishing in limbo with her remaining fellow elder club members. Perhaps there’s even a reformed W touring with S/Mileage. Isn’t that a nice thought?

Too bad that isn’t the reality for her.

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