KARA – Girl’s Talk

Kara Girl's Talk

Release Date: November 24, 2010

Track Listing

  1. Jumping
  2. Mister
  3. Baby I Need You
  4. Sweet Days
  5. SOS
  6. Love Is
  7. Binks
  8. Umbrella
  9. Burn
  10. Lupin
  11. Sweet Days (Original Version) – Jacket C Bonus Track
  12. Love Is (Original Version) – Jacket C Bonus Track
  13. Binks (Original Version) – Jacket C Bonus Track


KARA’s debut Japanese album is a mix of translated previously released songs, cuts from their Korean mini-album Jumping and original Japanese language songs. I have grown to appreciate KARA since my review of Lupin earlier this year. As an astute commenter had noted in the discussion about K-Pop groups crossing over into Japan:

Kara is sometimes considered “J-pop within K-pop” (at least circa 2008). Their music style has always resembled quite closely to J-pop style, so should not have much problem fitting in Japan.

After listening to this album that is extremely true. If you take these songs and give them to a J-Pop girl group I highly doubt there would be much of a difference other than maybe the strength of the vocals. It would really depend on the capabilities of the group I guess.

With that out of the way how does this album stand as a whole? For a debut, it’s some good stuff. Sure it contains more borrowed material from their Korean catalog but given that those songs are quite catchy and have an air of instant familiarity that’s okay.

Some of the previously released songs have even been given new arrangements (Mister, Umbrella) while the original Japanese songs (Baby I Need You, SOS) fit in admirably with Baby I Need You being the stronger of the two.

All indications point to KARA being very successful in the Japanese market. If they choose to release a 2nd album hopefully there will be less recycled material and more original tracks like the two that were included here.

Girl’s Talk Jacket A

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Girl’s Talk Jacket C

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