KARA – Go Go Summer

Kara Go Go Summer

Release Date: June 29, 2011

Track Listing

  1. Go Go Summer
  2. Girls Be Ambitious
  3. Go Go Summer (Instrumental)
  4. Girls Be Ambitious (Instrumental)


KARA’s follow up to Jet Coaster Love is a hyper pop song called Go Go Summer. It’s a stark contrast to the rather chilled feeling of their previous single and is comparable to songs like Baby I Need You and SOS from their Girls Talk album.

You have to hand it KARA’s producers, they’re not resting on past glories in Korea for this group and are giving them songs that give them a chance to be strong contenders in the overcrowded female idol group category in Japan.

The b-side is Girls Be Ambitious and although it shares a similar title to a Morning Musume song it’s not a cover or even close to that. Nope. What we got here is a relaxed song (compared to the a-side) that is just as catchy and slickly produced. In a way it’s similar to their Korean material but not a total port of what they’ve done before. Normally b-sides suck but Girls Be Ambitious stands out as a song that could be a great album track instead of just filler.

With all that said Go Go Summer will certainly solidify the fact that KARA are going to be a force to be reckoned with (along with SNSD) and perhaps home grown Japanese idol groups might want to start watching their backs.

Go Go Summer Limited A

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Go Go Summer Limited B

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Go Go Summer Limited C

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