KARA – Jet Coaster Love

Kara Jet Coaster Love

Limited Edition A

Jet Coaster Love / KARA

Limited Edition B

Jet Coaster Love / KARA

Limited Edition C

Release Date: April 6, 2011

Track Listing

  1. Jet Coaster Love
  2. Ima, Okuritai (Arigatou)
  3. Jet Coaster Love (Instrumental)
  4. Ima, Okuritai (Arigatou) [Instrumental]
  5. SOS (Army Slick’s 2011 bavtronic mix) [Version C only]


Even though KARA is currently entangled in a dispute with their Korean label, they seem to have no problems in Japan where they have been very successful with their Jumping single and Girl’s Talk album. Jet Coaster Love is their latest Japanese endeavor and is the theme song for a TBC CM.

The song is a funky track that is a departure from their previous Japanese single, going for a more organic Pop/Dance sound instead of the heavy Electro influences. In a way it can be compared to the kind of up tempo pop that made Mister such a huge song. The b-side is the theme song to their television show URAKARA. It’s a pretty song, probably not the best ballad they’ve done but it’s nice enough. There is a bonus track on version C which is a remix of SOS from their Girl’s Talk album.

KARA seem to be making a case for themselves as more than just the “butt dance girls” with this single. Hopefully their troubles in Korea won’t affect what appears to a promising and very successful expansion into the Japanese market.

Limited Edition A (w/ Music Video DVD)

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Limited Edition B (w/ 28 page Booklet)

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Limited Edition C (w/ Bonus Remix)

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