Kara – Speed Up/Girl’s Power

Released March 21, 2012

Track Listing

1. Speed Up
2. Girls Power
3. Speed Up (Instrumental)
4. Girls Power (Instrumental)


Kara’s sixth Japanese single. Six! As it appears from this writing, Kara is sticking around past the Hallyu wave across Japan. If this double A-side is any indication, Kara’s presence in Japan is gonna last.

Speed Up is produced by Colgonese R&B singer Mohombi, who was involved with a few of fellow Korean band Big Bang’s Japanese singles. It’s electo-pop direction is a good departure from Kara’s previous singles. It’s enjoyable. It’s also probably the most one will ever hear Kara sound anywhere close to angry or irritated in their music. Which, I think is a plus in this case.

The other side of this single is Girl’s Power. This song is more of your typical Kara. Although it’s the slower of the two songs, it’s much more happy and upbeat. A good palette change. It doesn’t do anything new in that category, but it isn’t the worst song they have done, either.

Girl’s Power didn’t do much for me, but Speed Up is certainly worth having. If you’re a fan of Kara, you probably already have this. If you are fairly new to the group, or their Japanese music, then Speed Up/Girl’s Power isn’t a bad place to start. There’s two songs that give something different. So there’s a bit of something for everyone. Japan likes Kara, and with his release, seems like Kara likes Japan back.

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