KARA – Step


Release Date: September 6, 2011

Track Listing

  1. EY! OH! (Intro)
  2. Step
  3. Rider
  4. Strawberry
  5. Follow Me
  6. Date (My Boy)
  7. 나는.. (ing) (Acoustic Version)
  8. KARA 4 U (Outro)
  9. Step (Instrumental)
  10. With All My Heart (Dear Kamilia) [Bonus Track]


After 6 months away from K-Pop Kara return with their 3rd album Step. The lead single for this album also happens to be the title track and was produced by the same team that created the mega hit Mister. There is also a bit of light controversy regarding the song as netziens in their oh so infinite quest for something to bitch about called out the song for plagiarism.

With or without that claim Step is a great introduction to this album and it sets the pattern for what to expect. That is bright, cheerful and extremely catchy pop songs. Par for the course for Kara right?  Well sure, but par for the course for Kara is what lesser groups strive for just once in their career.

So what else besides the title track is there worth listening to? The catchiest of the album cuts is Strawberry. It’s a sugary sweet kind of song that Kara has perfected to a science. There’s some interesting vocal effects used during the break of this song that aren’t auto-tune based which is something new for those of you who are sick of that effect.

Other tracks to take note of are the high energy song Rider and the other sugary sweet pop song Date (My Boy). Rider in particular sounds like it would be something that would give car stereos and DJ systems a healthy workout. Lastly are the previously released acoustic version of 나는.. (ing) and the bonus track With All My Heart (Dear Kamilia). They’re the only two ballads present on this album and help offset the mostly up tempo fare presented on Step.

Is this more of the same from Kara? Yes. But it’s very excusable since what was presented here is some quality stuff. Definitely give this a go.

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