Kasai Tomomi’s ‘Masaka’ – Let’s take a look, shall we?


When I first heard Masaka live, I was really excited; Kasai’s vocals were really nice, I liked the sound of the song and for once I was anticipating a new soloist that wasn’t in the form of Watanabe Mayuyu. After seeing the PV preview, I was a little bit more excited, but not as much as I was with the song. Still, I wanted to see and hear it all in good quality.

… And in comparison to the live (and not so great quality) audio, this song and video falls pretty flat on its face, in my opinion.

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It isn’t bad, so to say, and it will certainly please the fans, but it isn’t great, either. It’s mediocre at best and extremely Vanilla in how safe both the song and video are. Something which I actually like, but the more I watch it, the more familiar the setting and safeness seems to be with Masaka. For a while though, it did please me. Sadly I started to see how cliche everything was, and it began to bore me pretty quickly after that.

4The ‘taking off your glasses makes you instantly prettier’ theory


It’s basically that age-old love story about a bookworm who wants the guy, but he never notices her so she daydreams about how he likes her and what-not before she eventually transforms herself (bring out the leopard print and discard those glasses!) into some beautiful being who tries her hardest to make him notice her, and yet he still doesn’t, so she resorts back to her daydreams until he eventually notices who the hell she is and reveals that, HEY, he loves books too, meaning that she has snagged her man. BOOM, end of story.

6 7Kasai has resorted to stalking as a part time hobby

The video is nice, but I’ve seen it so many times with so many different actors and actresses, in film, in Music video etc. It’s a format which you can always play safely, and also a format which girls will relate to – come on, all girls have a guy they like, and at some pint in their life time (me included, sad to say) they will day dream about the boy and a random encounter where he will save her or notice her, only to have it never happen for the poor girl. I do like that the video does show that, but again, it’s been done before and, despite the reality it has (in a sense), it also gets quite bring very quickly when you pick up on it.

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Now, I will like to say that I enjoyed the key item in the video, which is, essentially, the book, titled quite cleverly No Way. The book is pretty much integral to the plot when you finish off the video, because we start with Kasai reading it, and end with the realization that the boy also has it, showing that the two characters have a connection. We also see the book throughout the video as well, and there are so many shots which hint to the damn thing that it’s pretty obvious it plays a major role in the video.

Well, so does the basket ball, but I’ve said all I can with the book and it pretty much relates back to the basket ball, because that guy comes back to dunk the ball into the hoop, giving him a reason to make-out chat with our heroine and singer, Kasai.


It’s a pleasant enough video, and it will certainly get a good amount of interest from the female viewers. It’s pretty, well-edited and has a storyline which most girls will relate to and enjoy, but it’s all too vanilla and safe for my own liking. I admit, I enjoyed it the first few times I watched it, but after a while I noticed just how boring and dull it could be, and honestly, I expected so much more from Kasai. From what the CD covers showed, I was expecting something a lot more risky, something a bit more mature and different. But no, we get a cute Idol affair.

And let’s be honest, the song ain’t much cop either, is it? I was actually really disappointed with how toned down and generic the song sounded, especially when live it sounded a lot louder and a lot heavier.

11 12No way, Masaka…

It’s okay, but it won’t make it into my favorites any time soon. If anything, it’s great background noise and nothing more. A safe debut which will appeal to plenty of girls and fans of Kasai.

Also, am I the only one who is vaguely reminded of Koharu Kusumi’s Hapi Hapi Sunday when I watch this video? I swear it has a similar format, but a less colorful and safer setting with a little more action. No, seriously, it reminds me of Hapi Hapi Sunday in format o-o

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