Ken The 390 – My Life

Ken The 390 - My Life

Track Listing

  1. Cool Band
  2. H.I.P. feat. Mummy D
  3. Tonight The Night
  4. Cho Rap Heno Michi
  5. Kaze o Ukete
  6. Summer Madness
  7. Nisshatakuitsu
  8. Bignature
  9. Tell Me What You Want
  10. Miss You
  11. Nanokakan Sensou
  12. Back In The Day Part 3
  13. Touch The Sky
  14. My Home Town


Ken The 390 is a Hip-Hop/R&B artist signed to the Avex sub-label Rhythm Zone is probably most familiar to some from his collaborations with artists like Maki Goto and Thelma Aoyama. He is also an accomplished solo artist with 4 albums to his credit.

My Life is his 2nd studio album and features collaborations with other Japanese Urban artists such as Mummy-D, Taro Soul and Coma-Chi.

This album has a the feel of American east coast Hip-Hop with a Japanese twist. What you can expect is something closer to what DJ Hasebe, Sugar Soul and SoulJa (when he’s not milking the same song over & over) do. So if you appreciate that kind of  Urban music you should have no problem enjoying this. For those who need more convincing I suggest giving Cool Band, H.I.P., Nisshatakuitsu and Miss You a go.

The songs on My Life are probably tracks that will turn off a lot of today’s younger Hip-Hop heads who are used to auto-tune and over produced Hip-Pop/R&B hybrids. Those who are of the older set or just can’t stand the shit-hop that is infecting the genre will probably have a greater appreciation of My Life.

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