Kikkawa You – Darling to Madonna

Kikkawa You Darling to Madonna Cover

Release Date: September 26, 2012

Track Listing

  1. Darling to Madonna
  2. Twinkle Days
  3. Watashi ga Obasan ni Natte mo
  4. Darling to Madonna (Instrumental)
  5. Twinkle Days (Instrumental)
  6. Watashi ga Obasan ni Natte mo (Intrumental)


Kikkawa You’s fifth single Darling to Madonna can be thought of as a sneak peek at her upcoming Vocaloid cover album Vocalist (Release date November 7, 2012) and it is also the second ending theme for the Sengoku Collection anime.

The a-side follows the current trend of rock influenced idol music, although you shouldn’t expect anything as hard as BiS or BABYMETAL. Think PASSPO or Party Rockets and you’re hitting closer to home.

Despite being produced by Vocaloid creator SmileR, there isn’t too much of the vocaloid element present in Darling to Madonna besides a few effects scattered throughout. Which is a good thing since Kikkawa is a fairly competent vocalist whose voice shouldn’t be buried under layers of neat sounding noises.

The b-sides seem to be more in line with one would expect of a Vocaloid type song. Hyper electronic beats, a buzzy synth bass line and lots of sparkly, supper happy instrumental touches. Well that seems to be the case with Twinkle Days.

Watashi ga Obasan ni Natte mo is probably lesser on the hype train and is much more similar to a stripped down Perfume Dance/Pop song minus all the studio wizardry and flash.

On this single Kikkawa You again continues to show just how versatile she is, being able to sing over just about anything without sounding out of place at all. I think it’s safe to say that with the consistency of her output so far, Kikkawa is well on her way to establishing a solid solo career.

Definitely give this a spin.

Darling to Madonna (Jacket A)

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Darling to Madonna (Jacket B)

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Darling to Madonna (Jacket C)

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