Kikkawa Yuu – Hapirapi Sunrise

Hapirapi Sunrise

Release Date: October 5, 2011

Track Listing

  1. Hapirapi Sunrise
  2. Hapirapi Sunrise (Remix)
  3. Love You Forever (Limited B)
  4. Mizuiro (Limited C)
  5. Sweetie (Limited D)
  6. Hapirapi Sunrise (Instrumental)
  7. Love You Forever (Instrumental)
  8. Mizuiro (Instrumental)
  9. Sweetie (Instrumental)


Hapirapi Sunrise is the 2nd single from Kikkawa Yuu and it’s extremely similar to her first single Kikkake wa YOU! Continuing with the similarities this also comes in five different flavors offering a myriad of different songs as b-sides.

The a-side is not upbeat as her debut but still falls within the sugary sweet idol pop that Kikkawa has established as her early sound. That’s not to say the song sucks either.

If you compare Kikkawa Yuu to her Hello! Project equivalent Mano Erina (remember technically she isn’t part of H!P) you’ll notice that Hapirapi Sunrise is equal or above most of what Mano Eri has done this year. That of course is subjective depending on your point of view.

The b-sides continue to show Kikkawa’s versatility as an artist and almost follow the pattern of those on her debut single to a tee. You have a mid-tempo R&B song (Love You Forever), a girl rock type song (Mizuiro) and a dance pop song, (Sweetie) Of this group of songs Love You Forever is the one worth listening to.

That tends to showcase Kikkawa’s vocals the most and it’s something different from what we’ve heard from her so far in her short solo career. There also happens to be a remix of Hapirapi Sunrise which takes the song into the Electro Pop genre. If you like that kind of music it may be of interest to you.

Overall Haprapi Sunrise was a decent 2nd single. It’s not the strongest song on the many versions of this single but the b-sides do more than enough to make up for lack of “oomph” that the a-side has.

Hapirapi Sunrise (Normal Edition)

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Hapirapi Sunrise (Limited A)

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Hapirapi Sunrise (Limited B)

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Hapirapi Sunrise (Limited C)

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Hapirapi Sunrise (Limited D)

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