Kikkawa Yuu – Kikkake wa YOU!

Kikkawa Yuu - Kikkake wa You

Release Date: May 11, 2011

Track Listing

  1. Kikakke wa YOU!
  2. Sayonara Namida (Version A)
  3. Candy Pop (Version B)
  4. Fuyuzora Hanabi (Version C)
  5. Kikakke wa YOU! (Remix) [Version D]
  6. Kikkake wa YOU! (Instrumental)
  7. Sayonara Namida (Instrumental) [Version A]
  8. Candy Pop (Instrumental) [Version B]
  9. Fuyzora Hanabi (Instrumental) [Version C]


Kikkawa Yuu is the newest soloist to debut out of the Hello! Project. Her road to soloist status began with her audition for Morning Musume’s 8th generation. She made it all the way to the final 5 only to lose out to Mitsui Aika.

But she impressed so much she was placed into Hello! Pro Egg eventually ending up in the Kirarin Revolution related group Milky Way with everyone’s favorite crack head ball of genki (& organic vegetable farmer) Kusumi Koharu and fellow egg member Kitahara Sayaka.

Upon completion of her egg training it was announced that she would be releasing this single, Kikkake wa YOU! bringing another solo artist into the Hello! Project fold besides Mano Erina. Many Hello! Project fans have been anticipating this release so now that it’s here, was it worth the hype?

I would have to say yes. The first indication of a positive outcome for this song was that it was released on Universal J instead of UFA’s regular stable of labels. For me that meant some actual money was going to be put into promoting this song instead of the typical UFA pandering to their normal fan base type marketing.

As you can see in the track listing for this single each version has its own special b-side. That actually makes it worth picking up all 4 versions of this. Let’s start with the main track, Kikakke wa YOU! It’s a light, bubbly kind of song that whose release time is perfect as the summer season in coming into full swing. Definitely great timing as the song has a happy, fun and care free kind of vibe to it.

Normally b-sides are hit or miss and I only recommend the ones actually worth listening to more than once. This is one of the rare cases where all them are actually good. Yeah, weird huh? But to keep things short and sweet I’ll just stick to the ones I like the most.

Candy Pop has an instrumental that sounds similar to one of Scandal’s more pop oriented songs whereas Fuyuzora Hanabi goes in the opposite direction and almost sounds like a Girl Next Door song. The thing is Kikkawa sounds extremely comfortable in either style. Impressive to say the least.

Oh and here is a shocker. An actual REMIX of the a-side. What… The… Fuck… It’s like someone actually answered my prayers. And get this, it’s an extended mix, not a radio edit. Wow. Compared to the original it has a much stronger club feel. I guess you can kind of think of this as H!P’s attempt at imitating Perfume if you’re having problems placing the sound.

Overall this is probably (in my opinion) the best single package that Hello! Project has released in 2011. As much as I bitch about the whole different versions of singles & the fleecing of the fan, this is definitely worth the extra expense of collecting them all. (insert Pokemon joke here)

It’s not exactly the best song of 2011 for Hello! Project so far (that’s highly debatable at this point in time), but I think it will probably rank pretty high for some fans.

Anyway, this is a very strong debut single. Combine Kikkawa Yuu with Mano Erina and there is hope that the soloist role in Hello! Project is actually being taken seriously again.

Kikakke wa YOU! (Version A)

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Kikkake Wa YOU! (Version B)

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Kikkake wa YOU! (Version C)

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Kikkake wa YOU! (Version D)

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