Kikkawa Yuu – One For You

Kikkawa Yuu One For You

Release Date: January 18, 2012

Track Listing

  1. Ignition
  2. Konna Watashi de Yokattara
  3. Sweetie
  4. Kikkake wa YOU!
  5. Knight Flight
  6. Time to Zone
  7. Aitakunattara
  8. Mizuiro
  9. Hira Hira Hoshi
  10. Sayonara Namida
  11. Ari no Mama no I LOVE YOU!
  12. Hapirapi Sunrise
  13. Hako no Naka no Blue
  14. Make YOU!


Kikkawa Yuu is probably best known to idol fans as the runner-up to Mitsui Aika in the 8th generation Morning Musume auditions and/or the one who wore yellow in the Kirarin Revolution spin-off group Milky Way. One For You is her debut solo album and it comes 2 years after completing her Hello! Project Egg training.

This is not a typical Hello! Project release. Technically she isn’t on any H!P/UFA affiliated label at all. Kikkawa is actually signed to Universal Japan (home to acts such as KARA, BEAST & SDN48) and only her management is handled by UFA. That poses the question of whether being away from the H!P fold will be a benefit or a hindrance?

After listening to One For You, I say it’s a great benefit. Unlike her direct competition within H!P (Mano Erina) she isn’t stuck with songs that confuse the listener as to what kind of artist they’re listening to. It took UFA 2 tries with Mano Eri to get it somewhat right, and with Kikkawa Yuu they scored a home run immediately.

I guess I’ll say that perhaps with Kikkawa Yuu there was a lot more to work with vocally. Yes those are fighting words, but listen to her sing & you can bet that there’s a better chance that Kikkawa can belt out diva notes in tune, on key & without her voice breaking.

Anyway, perhaps that’s a debate to be revisited once Kikkawa gets a few more singles and albums out. What you will find on One For You isn’t too far from the typical idol formula. Thankfully the material presented here is much more focused and does not rely on the typical sound patches that long time listeners are accustomed to in H!P. Again, benefits of being away from the nest.

Songs to take note of (outside of the previously released singles) are Knight Flight, Aitakunattara, Hira Hira Hoshi and Ari no Mama I Love You. The last two are particularly interesting. Hira Hira Hoshi could easily pass for a Genki Rockets song while Ari no Mama I Love You is more like something Tokyo Girls Style would do.

With One For You Kikkawa has a solid foundation to build her solo career on, assuming that she’s guided along the right path. But just looking at this individual album? Great stuff that should please the most hardened idol fan.

One For You (Limited Edition)

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One For You (Normal Edition)

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