Kitahara Sayaka – Kanari Junjou PV

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Kitahara Sayaka is Hello! Project’s answer to Nice Girl Project’s Ogawa Mana, and has continued her voice acting career with the anime Inazuma Eleven GO, which Berryz Kobou had previously sung for up until this year.

Now, Sayaka is singing the anime’s ending themes and is releasing her second solo single as Sorano Aoi, the character that she is voicing. Whilst her first single, Yappa Seishun, wasn’t as energetic as it should have been, and with the video as cheap as Morning Musume’s Maji Desu Ka Ska PV, it was still a pretty good song (we shall thank Yossie for that) and a decent video.

So, how will  Kanari Junjou fare against its predecessor?

Well, video wise, Kanari Junjou wins hands down – here we have a visual piece of beauty, featuring the gorgeous Sayaka in a flower filled, picturesque garden where the scenes vary between her sitting on the petal-strewn stone steps, walking around the garden, laying on the ground asleep and then close up shots of this stunning Idol.

I was honestly surprised when this video turned out how it did – with Yappa Seishun being on the cheap half assed side, I thought that Kanari Junjou would turn out the same way. Thankfully, Kanari Junjou is better than what most people would have expected, and turned out to be a treat for the eyes as you watch it. With the beautiful landscape and Kitahara Sayaka in the camera’s presence, this video is truly stunning.

It looks like the producers had a budget, and it looks like they cared about Sayaka’s career.

One of the things I really do like the most about this PV, though, is how the camera is used. From the sweeping effect when Sayaka is sitting on the stone steps, to the different angles used when she is either sleeping or walking, I think that the shots really make this video interesting. Sayaka herself is wonderful to watch, but I have found myself impressed with how the camera was used throughout the video, and it was nice to see angles that weren’t still and moved around a bit.

Turning to the song now, I honestly wasn’t as impressed with the song like I was with the video. Whilst the video is wonderful in my eyes, the song could have been better. Sayaka is a pretty good singer, but this song just showcases how bland her voice can be when she has to keep the same tone throughout the entire song.

I was honestly hoping that the song would pick up during the chorus, but just like the beginning, I was disappointed in it. Unlike Yappa Seishun, this song failed to impress me. I was honestly hoping for something more upbeat and daring, something that Sayaka is capable of. Sadly, Kanari Junjou is more of a ballad with a poppy instrumental, and it doesn’t work for Sayaka’s voice. It makes her sound bland and boring, two things that I doubt she is as a singer.

So, in conclusion, whilst I find that the song is a disappointment, I really did enjoy the video. It’s a huge contrast to Sayaka’s debut single, Yappa Seishun, video wise, but it’s a nice change from the cheap videos that UFA kept bringing out a few months ago. It’s a treat to watch, and I suggest that those who love a good outside video to watch this, because it’s really beautiful, and showcases Sayaka’s beauty as well as how she can rock the camera with her smile and beauty.

Sadly, the song is something that I would never buy. If I heard Kanari Junjou on the radio, I would probably switch over to a different channel. Whilst it is different from most anime songs that I hear, it’s pretty boring and monotonous, and doesn’t showcase Sayaka’s voice well. Hopefully next time, Sayaka will get to sing an upbeat and lively song and show how energetic and lively she really can be.

Kanari Junjou, by Sorano Aoi featuring Kitahara Sayaka, was released on 9/11/11 for the anime Inazuma Eleven GO!

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