Kobushi Factory – Shalala! Yareru Haze sa / Ee ja nai ka Ninja nai ka Review

Release Date: June 14th, 2017

Track List

Regular A-B; Limited A-B

  1. Shalala! Yareru Hazu sa
  2. Ee ja nai ka Ninja nai ka
  3. Shalala! Yareru Hazu sa (Instrumental)
  4. Ee ja nai ka Ninja nai ka (Instrumental)

Limited SP

  1. Shalala! Yareru Hazu sa
  2. Ee ja nai ka Ninja nai ka
  3. Yami ni Nukegake
  4. Pitch Pichi Tomodachi (JK Ninja Girls & Ninja Oyajis)
  5. Shalala! Yareru Hazu sa (Instrumental)
  6. Ee ja nai ka Ninja nai ka (Instrumental)
  7. Yami ni Nukegake (Instrumental)
  8. Pitch Pichi Tomodachi (Instrumental)


In their 4th single release (5th overall), Kobushi Factory brings an energetic Double A-side in the form of Shalala! Yareru Hazu sa / Ee ja nai ka Ninja nai ka, which includes the theme song for the groups debut film, JK Ninja Girls. This is also the last single to feature the groups former sub-leader, Fujii Rio.

Despite being the groups lowest selling single to date, Shalala! Yareru Hazu saEe ja nai ka Ninja nai ka is one of the groups more entertaining releases, yet. That said, this is coming from someone with no taste, and no desire to become a fan of Kobushi Factory, period. Still, it was an enjoyable release, and a surprise from one of Hello! Project’s blander groups.

Opening with a catchy pop-rock tune, Shalala! Yareru Hazu sa is your go-to concert track, featuring an aggressive ‘we can!’ attitude that is so Idol, it’s almost funny. The chorus is especially catchy, thanks to its repetitive, uninspired lyrics consisting of Sha~la~la~la and ‘we are powerful!’ spiel that is sure to get the fans singing along. The entire track is actually very entertaining, but lyrically, it’s as creative as a pile of trash.

The music video is no better, in terms of its creativity, but Hello! Project did well in creating an authentic, Indies Idol feel, for their Major group. Complete with awkward solo shots and scenes showcasing the girls working together to get their show on the road, Shalala! Yareru Hazu sa, as a music video, feels a little more authentic, and a lot more budget-friendly than previous Hello! Pro MV’s that have come out this year. It was a surprise to see, though a pleasant one.

Editing wise, this is a very crisp, clean PV with some nice camera angles and sweeping shots. It’s also nice to see fans of the group participate in this release, especially for such an upbeat, positive song.

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