Kyary Pyamu Pyamu – PONPONPON


Release Date: July 20, 2011

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Kyary Pyamu Pyamu is a fashion blogger turned Electo Pop artist. PONPONPON is the lead single from her debut mini-album. If this sounds like a Perfume song you are correct in that assesment. It’s produced by Yasutaka Nakata who is also known for working with other artists such as his group CAPSULE, MEG, and (surprisingly) SMAP.

If you’re a fan of the current wave of Japanese Electro Pop this should really be no big deal to you. The catchy beats are what will grab many people right from the start as the production is top notch. What might turn people off is Kyary and her silly, nonsense lyrics that consist mostly of “PON PON, UEI UEI UEI, PON PON…” or variations of the theme with other words in between.

This song will probably either annoy you to no end or you’ll find it to be a fun few minutes of cheese. How that works out will depend on your tolerance for what some may consider to stereotypical J-Pop. This probably isn’t something you want to play for your friends if you want to get them into Japanese music. It will only enhance their already media skewed ideas instead of breaking them.

The video on the other hand is some fucked up stuff. It’s a 4 minute mushroom and acid trip full of strange colorful imagery that seems to make the song even more cheesy but still appealing. I guess it helps that Kyary is pretty cute as well. Still, not exactly something you want to use as a primer for J-Pop noobs.

It’s difficult to really say this is good or bad. I am of the camp who really likes this kind of stuff since sometimes Electro Pop can take itself way too seriously to the point of being unlistenable. At least you know what you get with PONPONPON.



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