Kylee – 17

Kylee 17

Release Date: November 23, 2011

Track Listing

  1. It’s You
  2. Crazy For You
  3. Never Give Up
  4. Brand New Wave feat. Orianthi
  5. Give Me a Chance To Say
  6. Music
  7. Kimi ga Iru Kara
  8. One Step
  9. Missing
  10. Unoticed
  11. Everlasting
  12. Yours Truly


Kylee Saunders is better known in the J-Pop industry as Kylee. The American-Japanese Pop/Rock artist made her major label debut in 2010 with the theme song for the movie Dareka ga Watashi ni Kiss wo Shita. (Kimi ga Iru Kara)

17 is her first full-length album featuring the previously mentioned Kimi ga Iru Kara and the singles Crazy For You, Never Give Up and Everlasting.

This album is full of what one would call power pop. I would think of something similar to the material given to Kelly Clarkson (sans the need for yelling) if you need a quick comparison.  Maybe that might turn a few of you off but I find it completely relatable to what is on 17. Of course there is that little J-Pop twist that manages to make this a uniquely Japanese take on the sound.

For the most part everything here is bright and inoffensive in every way. That may equate to bland in some of your heads but there’s nothing dull here. Sure, many of the songs are similar sounding and work the whole “hands in the air” stadium rock kind of vibe but that’s okay.

At least this isn’t boring and the string of upbeat songs makes this album go by quickly. Besides the singles other tracks to take note of are Brand New Wave and Unnoticed. The latter in particular is single worthy type material and is very catchy stuff.

The only drawback to this entire album is last song. Yours Truly just doesn’t fit in the whole track listing and feels like a rather tacked on ending.

Otherwise, this is a fairly decent album and hopefully Kylee manages to branch out a little more whenever production on her second full-length starts up.

17 (Regular Edition)

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17 (Limited Edition)

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