Lady Bird feat. Yula – Tokyo wa Yoru no 7ji

Tokyo wa Yoru no Shichiji / LADY BiRD feat.yula.

Release Date: July 7, 2010

Track Listing

  1. Tokyo wa Yoru no 7ji
  2. Tokyo wa Yoru no 7ji (LADY BiRD Club Mix)
  3. Tokyo wa Yoru no 7ji (Electro Remix)
  4. Tokyo wa Yoru no 7ji (Trance Remix)
  5. Sweet Song (LADY BiRD Club Mix)
  6. Kitto… Sayonara (LADY BiRD 125 Re-Make)
  7. LADY BiRD 7′ Non Stop Mix


This is a cover of the Pizzicato Five song The Night Is Still Young.

The original had a mellow, chilled kind of House vibe to it. This version by Lady Bird and Yula is updated to suit the tastes of those who prefer the House Nation kind of sound. Yula’s vocals are okay, although I found them to be a little cute she fits the production style of this cover so I guess it’s okay.

Overall it’s not really the best cover but perhaps I am biased since I don’t really feel the cheese pop house production does it any justice. But if that’s your groove, go nuts on this.

There are a couple of remixes included in this package which in all honesty are not really that great. The best of the bunch is the Lady Bird Club mix which is basically an extended version of the first track with a DJ friendly introduction and ending for easy mixing in a set. That isn’t exactly saying much is it?

If you skip all the way to Sweet Song and Chotto… Sayonara you’ll hear some quality dance tracks that are more similar in style to GTS productions and they’re the only songs worth listening to here.

The last song on this single is a mega mix of Lady Bird’s work that does a good job of covering what they have done up to this single. Probably something worth taking a listen to if you’ve never heard of them before.

Tokyo wa Yoru no 7ji

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