Lady Bird – Stylist

Lady Bird Stylist

Release Date: August 4, 2010

Track Listing

  1. Tokyo wa Yoru no 7ji feat. Yula
  2. Fantasy feat. Ichise Aya
  3. Color of Heart feat. Yula
  4. Kitto… Sayonara feat. Sarah
  5. Get Up feat. Liz
  6. I Got It feat. Ichise Aya
  7. Sweet Song feat. Wei Son
  8. Rainbow Room feat. Ichise Aya
  9. Dancing Queen feat. Kagami Seira
  10. Never Land feat. Ichise Aya
  11. The Music Bird


Lady Bird are a dance music production duo consisting of DJ Ten and Kazuhito Hiroso and Stylist is their first full length album. Stylist features six vocalists and contains 2 cover songs (ABBA’S Dancing Queen and Pizzicato Give’s Tokyo wa Yoru no 7ji) along with previously released songs Kitto… Sayonara and Sweet Song.

What is on this album is 4 on the floor Pop/Dance and rather unexpected bits of Hip-Pop and R&B. Sure it seems like the typical type of music that one would expect from DJ/Producer combo but Lady Bird manage to make it work for the most part. Of the album cuts the ones that stand out are Kimi Janakya Dame Nanoni, I Got It, Rainbow Room and Never Land.

Those tracks cover a wide variety of styles that go from ballad to Euro Trance cheese. The best of the bunch is probably I Got It which is really close to a Namie Amuro or Meisa Kuroki styled Urban dance track. A close second is Rainbow Room with its combination of Lounge and Swing groove.

Overall this was an average album and despite having some decent tracks it was still kind of meh. Pick up if you’re looking for some pop friendly dance music for the gym or pre-clubbing preparations, otherwise pass.


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