LADYBABY – Nippon Manju Review

Nippon Manju Cover

Release Date: July 29, 2015

Track Listing

  1. Nippon Manju
  2. Ultra Lucky


LADYBABY are an idol/metal fusion trio consisting of cross-dressing Australian talent Ladybeard (real name Richard Magarey) and junior idols Kaneko Rie and Kuromiya Rei. They were formed by the costume company Clearstone to promote their products.

Magarey is trained in martial arts and stunt work and has worked as a professional wrestler and entertainer. He has been performing as the Ladybeard character since 2009, starting in Hong Kong and Taiwan before moving to Japan in 2013 where he became popular through wrestling and TV show appearances.

He is now the focus of the J-Pop/Metal hybrid LADYBABY. Their debut single is Nippon Manju/Ultra Lucky.

When listening to this there is an immediate comparison that can be made to a similar act of this nature, Death Rabbits. And to be honest it would not be hard to mistake Nippon Manju for a Death Rabbits song. Whether you consider that a bad thing is up to you. I found the song to be rather enjoyable but am unsure as to what its replay value will be once the novelty wears off.

Ultra Lucky on the other hand is sugary sweet idol pop and it’s strange to hear an Australian professional wrestler seriously singing his lines as if he were a female idol. In a way it’s almost like hearing an old Hello! Project song except with more coherent Tsunku styled vocals/noises harmonizing with the young girls who do the heavy lifting on the track. There is a solo line from Ladybeard near the end of the song and while he’s a decent singer, perhaps being the harmonizing dude in these types of songs might be better in the end.

Yet one has to admire that he is going all out as if he were a junior idol as you can see in the promo video for Nippon Manju. So props to him for that. I’m going to reserve judgement on LADYBABY until I hear more than just these two songs. They certainly have my attention and maybe they will grab yours as well.

Nippon Manjyu


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